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  • M. Milosch - Use with caution

    Used this for about a week. Made me very jittery, made me nauseous. I guess it did suppress my appetite because I was no nauseous. Did not work for me and made that week a terrible one.

  • Fun in the sun - My skin still has blisters

    I had to share my story so other people can learn from my experience with this product. I bought mine from a local seller that is a brand partner and not online. I used the day cream, night cream and the new Firm lotion. At first my skin didn't react for about 4 or 5 days then suddenly on my face i got very painful acne.........I am 42 years old and acne is not really an issue for me. Then I noticed on my chest and neck I had break outs and a painful red rash. I was told that it's just my skin getting used to the product and not to worry. I stopped using it on my face but continued using the Firm body lotion from my neck down. My legs were covered in bumps almost like ingrown hairs and blisters, then the next day my neck, shoulders, arms chest and torso were covered too. Well after 3 weeks and huge sores, itchy rashed up skin I discontinued ALL Nerium products. Fast forward to today, a month since I have used Nerium and my neck, shoulders, arms and torso are all still covered with a very itchy rash! I told the sales rep and of course he say's he has never heard of that happening. Funny, because I can find similar stories all over online. I am not able to even go be outside without covering myself in long sleeves in fear the sun will only make it hurt worse. It burns and itches so bad it keeps me up at night! I am hoping it goes away soon or I will have no choice but to go to a dermatologist. Please be so careful of this stuff. I have been doing a ton of research on it and can find nothing good about it. No real antiaging properties to it. Also if it Kills cancer cells, that should be a red flag warning, skin is delicate! I only wish I had read all the information on it before I used it in the first place. Be wise and steer clear of this stuff, this rash is embaressing, i'ts painful and I work in the beauty industry so looks are important in my career (Cosmetology).

  • Cat M - healing

    doc said I have rosacea, light case. Meds are $286 for one month. I prefer to treat topically than systemically. Not advising, just my preference.

  • TheGear - Excellent book, but not for Kindle

    I'm sorry to report that this book should not be purchased for the Kindle. It's well-written and diverse, but the equations do not scale up and down when one scales the fonts, and they are inevitably too gray, too faint, and too small to be read. I'm looking forward to reading the book in hard copy. (I should point out that I have one of the old, black and white, non back-lit Kindles. Your mileage may vary.)

  • Jacqueline - Athol knows a thing or two...keep an open mind!

    Hi! I interviewed Athol for a woman's relationship blog and while he is indeed, very in your face and all about sex - and has standards that are improbable to meet for any living 40+ year old woman...but he's offering inside advice from a high level of having it all for a man - and having it all to give to a woman! His game is in fact a very high quality product. His book and his blog are written in a style that is controversial and provocative - but his advice isn't. He's sharp, articulate, knowledgeable and easy to read.