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  • C&A - I have purchased both vanilla and chocolate with which I mix half a frozen banana just for more texture and it is my favorite. W

    I bought this is an alternative to that very expensive nutrition shake from a famous California based fitness and nutrition group. This shake requires two scoops v. only 1 scoop of the very expensive nutrition shake I mentioned above, but the nutritional content seems very similar in comparison of labels, and even having to use double the powder, the LEAN 1 is still half the cost. I have purchased both vanilla and chocolate with which I mix half a frozen banana just for more texture and it is my favorite. With the vanilla, I mix a bit of frozen strawberries and banana or frozen peaches and it is really good. In addition to frozen fruit, I mix both chocolate and vanilla with ice, 4 oz water and 2 oz milk and I really like it - I don't feel deprived. I am an ICU nurse and my shifts usually are about 13 hours. If I have this for breakfast between 6 and 6:30, it gets me by until early afternoon.

  • Ejaspen - FAKE Product. Save your hair and money.

    Fake Product! Do not buy. I received a sample of the real product in a BirchBox. The small tube lasted for almost three uses on my long curly hair and left it incredibly soft and shiny. I also loved the scent which lasted for days. The product which arrived from this Amazon seller had a different color, smell and texture. I needed to use gobs of it to coat my hair and my hair felt greasy and tangled instead of conditioned~ and there was no fresh, lasting scent. After several disappointing uses, I finally bought the actual product through BirchBox~ with just one use, my hair is again soft and shiny and smells wonderful.

  • L. Jackson - I absolutely love them. The Swaddlers pull the wetness away and ...

    I had my first child, a daughter, in October 2014 and have used Pampers since she was born. I absolutely love them. The Swaddlers pull the wetness away and suck it up to lessen the risk of diaper rash. I received a few packages of Huggies Snugglers at my baby shower. One was still sealed in the box and the other was in a diaper cake. I used the diapers in the diaper cake and then ended up returning the sealed box to Walmart to exchange for Swaddlers. The Huggies diapers leaked almost every time I used them. They didn't fit well and didn't have what I would call "side flaps" that wrap around the hips of the baby to ensure they don't dig into the baby and also create a secure fit. I also wasn't a fan of the busy designs on the Huggies. Swaddlers do have Sesame Street characters, however, they are restricted to the top front of the diaper. The rest is white - minus the blue/yellow line running front to back. This is nice because the designs will show through clothes and you can, of course, see them if my daughter is wearing a dress. My daughter is now crawling and beginning to walk. I haven't had any issues with the diaper shifting since she moves ALL THE TIME. I had thought about switching to Cruisers, but decided if it isn't broke, don't fit it!

  • Bettyjoshaw - Beautiful as always

    I've been collecting the ornaments since I was given one as a gift about 15 years ago. And this one is as beautiful as the others. Amazon helped by letting me know when it was available and making it so easy to order.

  • Jason Matthews - Practice questions

    This study guide isn't really a study guide, it's more of a thick handout given at libraries. Its just generalized information you can find on google.

  • K. Green - Still have to pay to have a calculator figure out basic payroll!!!!

    It is the same accounting software that doesn't have enough noticeable differences in previous versions to warrant another expensive update. Overall this product works good for our business. However, my major complaint is the things that should be included that most people use in a business that you have to pay extra monthly charges for. Like having to pay to have social security and medicare taxes calculated in payroll. That should be free!!!!! It is a basic need in a business. I can see someone in a bigger company paying especially figuring insurances etc....

  • Robert's Office Manager - Wished I had found it earlier!

    For our business we didn't need a fancy CAD program. We needed something that would do simple drawings of the areas (renovations) within buildings that we could include in our specs. I had tried Autodesk, Rhino, Draftsight, Light something, etc. I would have spent more time learning how to use it than it was worth in our situation. I had been doing very simple ones with my pdf program, can we say not very professional looking? I downloaded a trial version and was too busy to even try it so I asked for another week extension. Customer support gladly provided. They even wrote me twice during that week to see if I had questions or needed help. Once my trial was finished, I spoke with my boss and told him how easy it was to use. First drawing took less than 20 minutes to complete while a simpler one had taken up to an hour on other software. (You can make them fancy or simple) I loved the ease! Customer support wrote and asked if I was interested in purchasing. I replied that my boss thought it was too costly for something we would not use on a regular basis. SmartDraw customer service called me on the phone and asked what parts I needed and what type of renewals I needed, etc. Asked how much would we be willing to pay for what we needed and worked with us to customize our download to meet our needs and then some, gave us options on future updates or just the one year updates, etc. Never have I ever had such quality service from a software company. I have had no problems at all from the program. It does what I tell it to do. I saw some reviews of it being cranky...I have not had that issue. Best program and best customer service ever! They also send an occasional email with different ideas on what the program can do with how to videos available.