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  • Lauren G - I see a little glow.

    I am using this two times everyday combined with a 12% TCA peel once every one to two weeks and I see a noticeable difference in my skin. It is smoother, brighter, and my acne scars are going away! I'm not sure how much of this is the serum but I think it is helping. I will keep using it and will consider buying another bottle when this runs out. Which might be a while because it really lasts.

  • PTodd - So Happy I Purchased!!

    I am truly amazed by this product! I was skeptical but being almost 60 I wanted to get back on track and was willing to try. Women of our age tend to gather weight in the mid section and I was wanting to firm it up. I use daily and have never felt any discomfort or soreness ever. I saw changes in just 5 weeks I used it! My job has me traveling weekly and I pack it with me and do my emails while wearing it. I can't say enough. The 20 minutes of aerobics I was doing did nothing for my mid section but with the belt I see definition already. I am so pleased that I added this to my exercise regime!

  • Jibberish18 - This was a very surprisingly excellent phone when my brother had it

    This was a very surprisingly excellent phone when my brother had it. The video camera was the most surprising to me. It took EXCELLENT videos. Even at night. Great pictures too. The processor handled most tasks just fine, you seldom saw any sort of lag or struggle by the CPU. The GPU wasn't great so don't plan to game much but could handle some games here and there. Not sure if they ever updated the OS but this phone as a whole could have been MUCH better with an update to KitKat for example.

  • not_productive - This product ruined my life

    I guess I had what you would call a classic "ninja makes good" story. It's a cliche at this point, but a lifetime of ninjitsu training in a remote Japanese dojo had made me a silent and relentless killing machine. Eventually, however, I could no longer ignore the ethical and moral implications of my trade. I turned my back on my former life and set about making an honest living. The one thing I could do - better than anyone - was slice a banana into perfect, even slices. My work was a wonder to behold. My list of clients included heads of state, famous actors, even a Kardashian. I gave back by slicing bananas for children's hospital patients, entertaining the young ones with my swift yet deft katana work.

  • JB8824 - Soothing

    Natural Calm seems to be helping a long running nerve issue diagnosed as Thoracic Outlet syndrome. Essentially a pinched nerve bundle between the middle and anterior scalene muscles. Muscle spasms down the entire left side of the body from the neck to the traps and down the back. Natural Calm seems to be helping the symptoms and reducing stress which is a major contributing factor to the pain.

  • Amazon Customer - Hard truths

    Cathy O'Neil knows her stuff, and it clearly shows. This is a book of hard truths for us data scientists, but they are important. If you're interested in understanding how models interact with the real world, particularly among the disadvantage, read on.

  • Ashleigh Bennett - My little guy seems to like the way they taste as well

    These seemed to help get his gut back on track after some vaccines that may upset his stomach and after two weeks of antibiotics. My little guy seems to like the way they taste as well. The price is great when you compare these to other antibiotics for children too.