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  • Larry Marshall Meadors - - BUT we have friends who have Blu and they dearly love Blu phones

    Had a volume problem + transferring contacts right from the start! Volume was normal when listening to messages and music but when someone called volume was almost impossible to understand the caller. Transferring our contacts it took 229 contacts and duplicated them to over 2000 contacts?? Contacted support and did a Hard re-boot and it made not difference even after 3 attempts. - BUT we have friends who have Blu and they dearly love Blu phones! AMAZON gave me no problem on the return and we're probably going to go with another Blu but a littler better Model with better Reviews. Had the Volume problem been solved this would have definitely been a 5 Star experience. Let you know the outcome a little later down the road! Larry Marshall Meadows

  • Caterday is Fun - Good for non-babies too!

    2016 Update: Had a baby and used it her. This thing is so much better than any other nasal aspirator. I noticed that the complaints that I had pertains to adult use. Baby doesn't mind this compared to the blue bulb. She likes vacuum and the hair drier so that also seems to help her calm down before the attack. I drop some saline (which she hates) before I get the vacuum out and this help loosen the mucus.

  • J. MCCLENDON - it really works

    Altho expensive compared to other foil, sometimes you need the nonstick feature and it really works.

  • Exquisite Reviews by Ally - Excellent dash cam, genius design and quality recording! A+

    I am very much enjoying the use of my new dash cam player! This is such a high quality system, that is so simple to set up! With an 1080p and full HD format, I am sure to get clear and precise accounts of anything that goes on when I am away from my vehicle, or even if a traffic incident occurs, this help to capture in live mode the true accounts of those circumstances. I am very pleased at how simple this is to get set up. It took only a few minutes to get this up and going. The quality of the recordings are excellent. It is capable of holding up to 64 GB which is a lot of storage and space for a camera of this size. I absolutely love having this in my car, it also provides a sense of security knowing that even when I am away, and my car is parked, it senses collisions and will record promptly. Thankfully, nothing has occurred for me to have to report any incidences, however, I know that I am now prepared and better protected because I have this dash cam to capture true events as they unfold. As for some of the specs on this dash camera, as best described by the manufacturer:

  • Lyndsay - Not for me.

    I have extremely thick strawberry blonde hair that's in the middle of curly and straight with a nice layer of frizz on top. Well I used Wen because everyone who I know that uses it has said it's a miracle worker, but not for me. Not sure if it's because my hair is just naturally thick and so in between everything, but it made my hair EXTREMELY frizzy (and that's saying something when I naturally have a bit of frizz to begin with).