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  • MBDA Michael Burns - Great inexpensive camera

    Great inexpensive camera. No need for a high dollar camera. This has easy setup. Great app for the phone. I read bad reviews, but have had no problem with the setup or operation.

  • Rato - A repetitive let down.

    My review is summarized in many of the one star written complaints. To the point: If you expect this game to be like Diablo, or Diablo II(LoD) for that matter, then don't buy it. This game is a locked-down, simplified version of Diablo II, at best. Truly disappointing, and a let down, to have been kept waiting for 10 years for a release of a game that won't live up to its name.

  • Pushing 70 - We're headed for scary times as a country

    First of all, I read this book in one evening/night. It is a truly compelling book that brings together all the issues surrounding Hillary Clinton's problems with telling the truth, focusing largely on the FBI's lack of recommending charges against her in the email scandal. I'm no fan of Donald Trump and see him as a flawed candidate but the thought of a raging megalomaniac likely Clinton in the White House is truly frightening. Coupled with an utter lack of ethics and apparent serious health problems it makes her candidacy a recipe for disaster. Never have I felt so concerned for the well-being of our country. What makes this book even more compelling is the detail that Klein spells out at the end of the book about his use of "sources" and the efforts of many to cast his writing as a pack of lies. I bought this book today not realizing he had written "Blood Feud" which is an expose of the issues between the Clintons and Obamas. "Guilty..." reads like a newspaper article that you hope will be a wake up call for voters to take a truly long, hard look at this candidate and realize that her presidency will ultimately being a nightmare that will have a devastating effect on our country for decades. I hope in the coming weeks before the election Klein will have a shot at the talk shows to present his view of Clinton.

  • Saleh - Terribly Slows Computers, Horrible Support.

    We bought this software directly thru BitDefender based upon high ratings it received on CNET. We purchased 5 computer licenses.

  • Donald Beitzel - Easy

    This product is easy to install. It comes assembled in the box! Not like a lot of other items that takes hrs to put together.

  • The Doctor - Worked as advertised

    Bought this for my sons school project as we needed a burner to boil water. There were reviews that mentioned the smell of smoke and I had that too. However, (to me) that was just a new electronic appliance doing its thing where you smell that electric smell or see a little smoke the first time you use it. After that, no smell, no smoke, works perfectly.