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Thyroid Advisor - Thyroid Supplement Reviews and Articles - Thyroid Advisor is dedicated to testing and analysing the latest thyroid supplements to bring you comprehensive thyroid supplement reviews. 

  • Top Thyroid Supplements - Thyroid Advisor - Compare the top rated thyroid support supplements in the market. The amino acids, minerals, and vitamins in these complexes can help support your thyroid.
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  • Is Hypothyroidism Hereditary? - Thyroid Advisor - There are genetic factors to thyroid problems. If either parent has a history of thyroid disease, they can pass this on to their children.
  • Normal Thyroid Levels - Thyroid Advisor - A thyroid blood test and other forms of testing tend to demonstrate the following results that constitute normal thyroid levels.
  • Yoga For Thyroid - Thyroid Advisor - Yoga is one of the techniques most commonly used to alleviate symptoms of a thyroid dysfunction while relaxing and coping with stress.

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  • Colleen Phillips - Works just fine

    Works fine. Does all it says it does. A great buy for the price, compared to expensive pitching machines. However, it is made of plastic, and I fear a hit from a baseball will break it easily.

  • Peter Vito - Forget ON Whey, try Nature's Best Isopure Natural Chocolate

    First they stopped making "Natural" Whey; now they add insult to injury by making " Naturally Flavored" and raising the price by 70%; Really? This is what customer loyalty gets? ON, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Try "Nature's Best Isopure Natural" it has No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners. Tastes great too.

  • Amazon Customer - LOVE Jillian, but this could definitely be better.

    I am a HUGE fan of Jillian's work out videos and was so excited to try this one for Wii, but the workout is REALLY slow. I didn't even break a sweat because you have to keep pushing buttons to go to the next exercise and going to the main screen. I was really hoping for it to be better. It is like the original WiiFit, how you have to go to the main screen to go to another exercise. I just really felt that I was waiting more than working out. Sorry, Jillian, I'm with you all the way, except with this game.