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The Yoga Connection: New Zealand Yoga Community - The Yoga Connection is a hub for all aspects of yogi life; yoga studio listings across New Zealand and info on top best yoga studios.

  • Power Vinyasa Raw Yoga The Yoga Connection Yoga New Zealand - Power Vinyasa is a strong full Yoga practice integrating precision, alignment, strength and inner Power!
  • Featured Yogi - Stacy. The Yoga Connection, New Zealand's Yoga Guide - Stacy is The Yoga Connection's new Featured Yogi - a regular part of the blog.
  • After Suicide - Jane Lowe, The Yoga Connection - As the sister of a boy who was within days a statistic, to us he was and continues to be, so much more than that.

    Country:, Oceania, NZ

    City: 174.7667 Auckland, New Zealand

  • Yubiri - It's old...

    I believe mine's probably a few years old... or it had been left in the heat because there was a gross yellow layer at the top that keeps coming back no matter how many times I shake it. That and it breaks me out where my hair touches the side of my face. I have used this product many times before and this has never happened. I already broke the seal ( which came off with the slightest touch-- makes me think it had been tampered with or the glue used on it was ancient) so I couldn't return it. Oh well. I'm just not going to buy from this seller again.

  • AZshopper - Save the money... a big disappointment

    I'd owned and played every single version of FIFA World Cup since 2008. Unfortunately, FIFA 2014 was a disaster and this game is not much better. I told my self not to buy anymore of EA Sports FIFA after the piece of crap FIFA 2014 but was thinking to give them one more chance, they blew it again. EA Sports has ruined a supposedly very good soccer game series after FIFA 2013. Why they still allowed those programers to ruin the game one after another!? It usually happened to those who was too successful and they didn't care about their customers nor listen to what the customers said. SAVE THE MONEY!

  • Flymehome - A New First Choice in Kits

    A popular automotive stereo store in my small town uses American International Kits. I was happy to see this kit on Amazon. I have been more satisfied with Metra than Scosche. Now I prefer American Int'l.

  • Gilbert - Houston Tx - CALLIBRATION is an ISSUE!

    Great design and functionality - HOWEVER - the callibration is off and there are no instructions on how to get it corrected.