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  • Mattie Johnson - Like it.

    I use it to stimulate the collagen in my skin for firmness and wrinkle reduction. Although I have used it less than ten times, I am already seeing results.

  • CANDIDA KASTEL - Premium Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Amino Complex

    A big thanks to Simply Vitamin C Serum for sending me this product to test out and do a review for my blog, GlamRiver! I have been trying a few different Vitamin C Serums, each one a little different and have been loving them all and I am so excited to add this one to my list of favs! This serum is fantastic because it also has Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Amino Complex AND Vitamin E and all this helps with my aging, wrinkles and it has even helped smooth out my skin! I also loved that you get a full 2 oz bottle! This another great product to add to my skin care routine!

  • M. Thomas - Really did NOT work for my hair.

    After using Matrix Biolage for a long time I decided to try this. I found it didn't lather well and left my hair dry, coarse feeling, and lifeless. The matching conditioner is a thin yellow texture and made my hair feel weighed down almost greasy. I've never seen anything like these products. I actually bought mine at a hair salon (so I know it's "real") but was so taken aback by how horribly they left my hair I decided to give feedback here. My hair is fine and generally straight but I have a lot of hair. After a little over a week of using Matrix again and my hair is starting to look and feel like I expect it to: soft, shiny, full, great movement.

  • rtloon - Agreeing with the praise, adding a few points not in other reviews

    Am male, age 62, in good health and mediocre shape, and just yesterday was authorized to begin bearing weight on my leg, 10 weeks after an ankle fusion operation. I want to do a favor to the company who makes and markets a device that made these 10 weeks much better for me and my wife by allowing me to be much more self sufficient, and at the same time not bore readers by repeating the excellent points made in other rave reviews.

  • Swen Ackermann - You get what u pay for no faults v happy

    In fairness I bought this product as a movie buff and enjoy watching a big screen . I currently have mine set up at 3 metres away from a cream wall and getting a confirmed 100 inches of brill viewing. It does mean curtains closed and they ain't black out but I still have good viewing in the day. Back ground noise from the system although may seem loud to start but u instinctively drown that out and negligible .

  • John Dynan - Well made, excellent for the price!

    I wanted a parabolic soft box and had been looking for a while. This unit kept appearing in search engines and I started to look more closely at it, in part because it seemed to represent such good value. I bought this with some trepidation, never having seen or heard of the Selens brand before. Having read the reviews on Amazon, which were largely favourable, I bought it. A lot of my concerns centre around the comments that the fit was excessively tight and that the velcro near the speed ring was too hard to do up. After assembling this soft box, I can say that my fears are allayed. It goes together very well and works accordingly. Assembling it is a simple matter because there are keyed rods which go into appropriate holes in the speed ring by matching the red dots. You just do it by pushing in the relevant opposite rod until all 16 are in place. Doing up the velcro is a bit tricky but not too difficult and the diffuser panels fit very well. I should point out that the best way to attach it to a monolight or speed light adapter is to do it before putting it on its stand. Overall, the soft box is well made and works very well, giving off a concentrated but very diffuse light. This soft box is much more appropriate for a flash head or bare bulb unit like a Witstro than for a speedlight because the internal reflective surfaces concentrate the soft, scattered light extremely well. A speedlight, with its more concentrated beam, would be less effective, though it would still work.