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  • Chigozie Orusakwe - I had a excellent experience with the book

    I had a excellent experience with the book. After reading this book, it was like everything falls into place for me to take my NCLEX. I followed all the steps in the book during my exam and behold it paid off I was so scared because I was getting a lot of hard and select all that apply question. I was stopped at question #85. I was scared more until after 24 hours when I saw my result and said passed. My dear try to understand the book and follow all the steps, do not rush your exam take your time you will be OK.

  • Erica - Served it's Purpose

    The taste of this stuff isn't that great, but ot is bearable. It helped me drop 7 pounds and allowed me to make weight for work. Yay!!!!! While I hope to eat right and workout so I don't have this problem ever did the trick this go around. I won't call the results anything, but temporary and it does come right back. I won't consider this something you would want to do all the time. Though if you are in a pinch like I's a good way to drop quickly!