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  • Sam Gotsis - Pretty good

    The video comes out fine. I like it quite a bit. The internal mic isn't the best, hence 4 stars. I've used camcorders with really good built in mics, and not having to voice over your videos is a big thing, depending on what you're filming. I make TWD scene re-enactments, and I have to voice over most of it. But the picture is good. Mic is alright. Good camcorder. Easy to use.

  • RandomTexan - Awesome and easy assembly, fast shipping.

    Easy to put together, took me and a friend all of 12 minutes while drinking to snap this thing together. No tools required (other than to secure it to a palette), and it is STURDY. I'm a 6' guy and I "planked" on top of the roof after we constructed it and it didn't even wiggle. Large enough to easily fit my Great Danebull (Dane/Pit bull mix) and have room for her to turn around and all that good stuff (although she still hasn't even gone in it yet, but that's not a problem from the products' end).

  • Shawny - Very pleased... but not 100% sure yet.

    Just got this stroller the other day- I LOVE how it manuevers (very smooth). I love that the wheels are a bit larger and not hard plastic- which makes for a less bumpy ride. The size is as expected, roomy and larger than a 'umbrella stroller' but still on the lighter side for a fuller size stroller. The basket is Ok- it's not as big as I'd like, but limited space due to the umbrella fold (which, isn't my fav fold, but saves on space). I love that you can push the seat up without a pully system (those are frustrating). I love the belly bar... and I do like how much coverage the canapy gives- but it seems to come down lower than pictured? Maybe it's the angle- but when my LO is in the seat and I pull the canapy all the way down, it's right in her face (which she can just grab at to move). So that part is a bit odd- so we'll see how it works in time (?)

  • Kenneth Hudak - Horn helps people like me see what that trouble looks like

    I have finally been able to read this book cover to cover and will keep it handy as a reference and resource tool.

  • Susan Fee - I Feel Less Hungry!

    I have to admit, I was not expecting much when I bought this. I had heard great things, but just figured it would not help me - that tends to be how my body reacts to these weight loss supplements.

  • Midwest Book Review - For both casual casino visitors and people with a yearning

    Now in a newly updated 2002 edition, the American Casino Guide is a superbly presented and highly recommended reference for both casual casino visitors and people with a yearning to learn more about the games and their odds. From a comparison of the house edge in different casino games to a brief study and focus upon individual games such as slot clubs, slot machines, video poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, and much more, to a state-by-state listing of the best casinos, American Casino Guide has it all. The 2002 edition pays for itself not only in terms of strategies to improve one's gaming skills, but also in more than $1000 worth of valuable casino coupons that can be clipped out of the book itself! If you are planning a visit to the gaming tables of Atlantic City or Las Vegas, begin with the 2002 edition of the American Casino Guide!