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  • Ms Malleycat - Great little turntable

    I have tons of vinyl, I am a bit of a collector, and I was thrilled to find a record player I could play them on again. FYI any aspiring to be a DJ's out there, this is belt driven, you want direct drive. Don't even try it. Ok, so I have a surround system I was able to hook this in to. If you do not have a receiver, the built in speakers are not nearly loud enough or have the sound quality you are going to want. It is super simple, no bells and whistles. I do however wise the tuner for the radio receiver was digital to make it easier to tune. It played my records just fine, maybe a tiny bit off on the speed, but I am not sure if it truly was or I was just expecting it based on the reviews. All in all I am very happy, just those couple of tiny complaints that had me remove a star.

  • Thor - Good workout supplement.

    Remember to always take this for a good pre-workout fat killer it gives you a lot of energy if you take it on a non-working day please make sure to drink plenty of H20 and as well consume lots of fiber it will give you constipation if you take it without those recommendations. Other than i did see a lot of weight loss but you have to be consistent with it other wise it will not work.