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  • Autism Mom - Poor quality! Either old or not authentic

    Thought this was a great deal when I bought, but similar to other views the product wasn't good... Not sure if it was old or not authentic. Used anyway... Just bought replacement at salon ... Huge difference! Should have tried to return. Will not buy from this seller again.

  • reviewer - The Perfect (Budget) Elliptical

    Because I broke my last elliptical from over-use, I spent quite a bit of time researching to find a replacement machine that was well made and good quality, but still reasonably priced.

  • Nicholas J Athanasiou - It Really Works!

    Okay, so it's a little opulent to have a machine to chill your beverages. I picked this up after my son saw a review on You Tube and convinced me to at least try it out. Much to my surprise it really works, and it works perfectly. It will get whatever beverage you want ice cold in a matter of minutes.Even more amazing is the fact that it spins a bottle full of soda without causing it to foam up and explode. It really is a very cool device. (No pun intended) Great job Cooper guys!