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  • Decor Mom of Boys - Great value and works great!

    This met every expectation that I had and a few extra features that I didn't know would be so handy. Mine arrived fully charged so I was able to put it to use right away. My family loves to go camping and so my intent was to use this for when we are in the great outdoors, however, it's gotten quite a bit of use in my house. It has a few different light options/settings. The brightest setting is just that - super bright, which is perfect for outdoor use. The next lowest setting is the one that I find I use the most as I've mainly used it inside by house and this setting is great for "up close" use so to speak. There is also a flashing setting, which I hope I don't ever have to use, but it's nice knowing that it's there if I need it. One of my favorite features is that it turns into a lantern if you pull down the bottom piece of the flashlight. It can light up a room! It also has two hooks so you can hang it up a few different ways, depending on your situation. I also like that there is a USB port so I can charge my phone or anything else that uses a USB cord. I tried charging my phone and as I expected, not super fast, but it works and it's a great option to have and the charging speed was just as I expected. My absolute favorite feature is that it doesn't need batteries so I'm saving lots of money not having to replace those. I'm surprised more companies don't make the rechargeable flashlights/lanterns. This feature alone will pay for itself over a short period of time. I don't hand out 5-star reviews easily, but this product deserves it. I received this product at a discount for my honest, unbiased review.

  • Steph H - Incredible!!!!!!

    Invati by Aveda has worked an absolute miracle on my hair! I was loosing hair by the googoobs everyday. It was scary. I stopped wearing my hair straight because it had gotten so thin. One week of using the scalp revitalizer and shampoo my hair shedding stopped by 75%! No lie. I have a picture of the pile of hair I was loosing from this summer and what I'm loosing now but it looks gross in photos and I'm not gonna post that...sorry.