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  • Zula - Perfect for my 3 year old Paw Patrol fan

    This costume is totally adorable! My 3 year old insisted on wearing it all day the day it arrived. He can't wait to wear it on Halloween because he knows he looks adorable and he loves Chase.

  • Charlene Guibeau - 2014 Grammy Nominees CD

    I have not listened to this CD yet but am familiar with each of the songs. A fantastic compilation of the best of the best. Well worth buying. Great to listen to in the car. You won't even mind sitting in traffic with this assortment.

  • Mark H. - You Simpli Can't Go Wrong!

    I have been using my system now for a couple of weeks, and I can say without any reservation whatsoever, I love it! It was very simple to install. I got one alarm from my motion sensor, but I didn't have it high enough, and kitty (more like a fat cow) triggered it. No issues since after properly relocating the sensor, and it happened during the 3 day practice period where the monitoring center isn't contacted. I have already ordered more components, which will be here any day now. The fact that this system is expandable is great. I have friends that paid thousands for their wired systems, and are paying at least twice what I am for monitoring. They are no better off!

  • zimmy - best hardwood finish

    Honestly, without a doubt the best hardwood floor cleaner we have used. When we purchased our house, its 100% hardwood floors so we were looking for something to restore the luster and this is the best of the roughly 8 products we have purchased over time.

  • Azuree Riordan - It's not as bad as people say it is

    I ordered these about a month ago to see if they really worked. I ate 10 the first day, and nothing happened. I upped it to 25 the next day, and I had two regular bowel movements. I lost count as to how many I ate the third day, but it must have been a lot because only then did I get diarrhea, and it only happened that one day. The 'worst part' came a few nights later, when I was in bed and I farted so loud that I woke my husband from a sound sleep. I finished off the bag the next day and nothing more happened. I give the product three stars because they do taste good, and if you're patient it does give you the desired results. Still, it's not worth buying for $31.99 like I spent. If you're going to buy these Gummi Bears, wait for the price to come back down. Trust me, you're not missing out on much.