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  • julie clapper - Happy

    Great products! I was seriously losing my hair at a scary rapid rate and my hair is already fine & thin. I had a grandmother, an aunt & a sister suffer from baldness, they had some hair but very, very little. I'm not just fighting genetics but pre menopausal as well, with a stressful job. I've started their line a long with the Hair Booster (LOVE this stuff) and scalp treatment. Not only has my hair loss stopped, but growing some back!

  • Blue Ridge gal - It is a great practical book

    It is a great practical book. It guides people to all the cultural highlights of an area and gives good directions and tips for using time wisely when in the area. The maps are good and easy to read. It is designed for the person who wants to get the most out of their experience and do it on their own. The book will suggest local guides you can contact if you want an informative venture. The hotel and restaurant selections are good for a variety of budgets. I have used these guides for years along with information I get online.

  • jack g. - the vitamins are very good and it also give u a lot of energy.

    I started taking this 45 days ago and my husband too we love it for the vitamins and the energy it gives u, I recommend this product to everyone.

  • Kailin Turner - Great Product

    I do get quite sweating hands during my pole class but recently purchased a pole and needed something for at home. This works pretty good! When I first apply it my hands are super dry so I cannot really slide on the pole at all (great for spinning poles) but as it wears off onto the pole it is perfect for sticking but lets you have the ability to slide down the pole as well. I am not a lotion person but I definitely had to wash my hands multiple times and apply lotion a few times to get the dry feeling off. I like the product and will continue to use it.