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Whitetail Supplies, For all of your Whitetail Deer Farming & Breeder Needs! - Whitetail Sales & Supplies is your #1 source for all of your Deer Farming and Breeder Needs. We offer Fawn Care products from Milk Replacer to Bottles and Nipples, Probiotics, Vaccines, Fencing, Handling Equipment, Deer Chutes, Grain Mixers, Feed Supplements and everything you need for EHD prevention from the Culicoides biting Midge, ticks and Flies. We are your one stop shop for ULV Foggers and Misting Equipment, chemicals, pesticides and PBO.

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  • Sam's-Review - *** WOW!!! This product really works...I'm serious! ***

    To make a long story short, Ever since I left the military back in 1995, I had developed this nasty (jungle rot)...a military term for a nasty foot nail fungus on my right big toe nail, just underneath the nail. It became worse over the years and I really did not know what to do. In the military you can get bad nail fungus on your feet from wearing those damn combat boots or any boots all the damn time. So it's very important to maintain good care of your feet if you have to ware boots all the time in the course of your job! I hate boots today...I ware lots of sandals and make sure my feet get plenty of air. As the years went by I would try various products, but none really didn't work, until the year 2013, when I bought this product! I was will almost see immediate results in (5) days hands down...remember I have had this damn fungus on my toe nail since 1995. The darkness and discoloring is fading away, and the fungus is being killed off. I'm still using the product until it's completely gone and I will file down and pedicure my nails proper. So I speak highly of this product...for the first time since 1995, I feel human again, before I felt like some animal with a nail looking like that on my foot! Currently, my toe nail is turning a nice healthy pink color underneath and is really looking great. I don't have to be embarrassed about wearing open toe sandals anymore. If you have a stubborn nail fungus on your feet please try this product, and practice good foot care health. However, if you have an extreme case then see a doctor. Thank you.

  • N. Collette - poor quality - don't buy

    I have been using office 2011 for mac for about 6 months as a graduate student. It is extremely slow. It has lots of bugs. When I copy and paste material from my gmail account it does lots of strange unpredictable things. For no reason it will not delete certain letters or words. I am really surprised that they have not updated it, and improved it, and taken out the bugs after 2 years!