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Steady Hands - Steady HandsFolk Punk born in New Jersey, and bred in Philadelphia.The Libertines, released 23 February 20131. I Swear Like A Sailor2. Footsteps3. The Libertines4. Song For Rosemary2nd EP from Steady Hands available via Lame-O Records!

  • I Swear Like A Sailor | Steady Hands - I Swear Like A Sailor by Steady Hands, released 23 February 2013Well I've grown so tired, Traveling off to distant lands, beg to go further every mileCause the sea is an awful homeand the tide just makes the land seems so much more empty and aloneHold fast and steady this tour has no ending in sightTell the crew to get ready, they're in for the ride of their livesHolding your arms as I stare into your Dramamine eyesI saw this storm coming, I watched it damn near every nightCause it hurts so much to wake up the way the swallow birds singAll I wanted was a pale blue floor to sleepAnd I've traveled a thousand miles across this endless empty seaAnd all I wanted was an angel, she came to meMurder your captain for abandoning this sinking shipIn a bedroom with gypsies they capture me with loose, salty lipsApologize cause your apology hold fast and firesI tremble, I shake like a sinner who's standing on trialAnd every time I drink, I'll watch that old boat sinkAnd I'll send a letter out, another bottleAnd I'll forget about the torture of that sick, unhealthy seaAnd I'll scribble down "please maiden, come back to me"
  • Footsteps | Steady Hands - Footsteps by Steady Hands, released 23 February 2013As a child, my father ran every day of his lifeFrom West Orange, NJ through college he was first every timeBut as worse things go wrong with your healthI don't think exercise could have helpedAs a child, my father ran every day of his lifeAs a child, my father ran every day of my lifeFrom his problems, his injuries, his children, and mostly his wifeBut I love and respect him moreThen these shoes on my feet I affordAs a child, my father ran every day of my lifeAnd I never thought that I would be so lostSo I bless these Philly streets for giving me time with my thoughtsAnd I'm hoping, that his footsteps have not gone away with the dustCause my blood has run here for so long, how the hell can I be so lost?I must have fucked it upAs a child, my father ran every day of his lifeThough his bones have gone weaker, It's barely affected his timeAnd I can't wait for that Sunday mornWhere I can beat him like a good boy shouldAs a child, my father ran every day of his lifeAs a child, my father ran
  • The Libertines | Steady Hands - The Libertines by Steady Hands, released 23 February 2013Walk under the lights they glowThe river will guide us homeTell stories of history, whiskey fiend boastfully summons the ghostCome join me I am your hostFor an evening of getting lostClimb into these buildings, abandon my children we've found a new homeYou can cut out my heart, bury into the groundIt will burn these bodies, keep sinking on downTill it reaches the garden and passes through hellAnd it keeps on still beating through this ancient townIsland, my loveSo now you feel less than wholeResent all that you once lovedSo tell me why you just keep living this miserable life all aloneWhen you've burned all that you've ownedYou're left bleeding, empty holeLets fill up our glasses with absently minding and finding some hopeIsland, my loveMy land, I love
  • Song For Rosemary | Steady Hands - Song For Rosemary by Steady Hands, released 23 February 2013I stand with my father, an 800 year old graveAnd I push past the dirt, see his grandfather's nameSome died in The Famine, some died in New YorkI stand with my father where his grandmother was bornI head down to Galway, the city I lostTry and find some of these girls, that inspired these songsAnd the beggars, and the dealers they were plenty I'm sureBut I politely declined all their hangover curesThe next morning I woke to the air of the Ire'With my old rusty bike I took down to the waterThere a cross it stood still a foot or two deepFor the first time in my life, I may have actually believedSo to Westy, Jim Lockey, The Starters, and StuYou gave punk rock so punk rock I gave youTo girls down at Lockdown, I toast you every nightHope you're making me proud keeping this scene alive If you ever make it to the new eastern coastI'll be there to greet you, my home is your homeCause you made me the happiest I've ever beenWithout you I'm limbless, I've got no SteadyThere's a Libertine in Dublin, she's captured my soulIf I can't have her, I'd rather be aloneIf you're ever stumbling down old Blackwood RoadTell her I'll be back soon, cause I'm bringing her home
  • The Libertines | Steady Hands - The Libertines by Steady Hands, released 23 February 20131. I Swear Like A Sailor2. Footsteps3. The Libertines4. Song For Rosemary2nd EP from Steady Hands available via Lame-O Records!
  • Not Many Of Us Left | Steady Hands - Not Many Of Us Left by Steady Hands, released 14 July 20121. Welcome To Our House Show, Now Please Don't Tag Our Walls2. Warren3. Michael Jordan4. Perfect Teeth5. BasementsAll Music and Lyrics by Sean HuberAdditional Music and Lyrics by John Sepa and Eric MuthAll Guitars and Vocals by Sean HuberDrums on tracks 1, 2, and 4 by Sean DonaghyDrums on track 5 by John SepaBass on tracks 1 and 3 by George Legatos Bass on track 2 by Paul ImpellizeriBass on tracks 4 and 5 by John SepaPiano on tracks 1 and 3 by Andrew KirnanPercussion on track 3 by George LegatosMelodica on tracks 1 and 2 by Sean HuberSlide Guitar on track 4 by Will LindsayAdditional Guitar on track 5 by Eric MuthAdditional Vocals on track 2 by Brendan Lukens of Modern BaseballAdditional Vocals on track 3 by Lucy Stone of Lucy StoneAdditional Vocals on track 5 by Bobby Joffred of Kill3r WhaleProduced by Eric MuthTracks 1-4 Mixed & Mastered by Eric MuthTrack 5 Mixed & Mastered by Max RauchRecorded Spring 2012 at Mad Dragon studios in PhiladelphiaAdditional recording done at Rompit House, Andrew's House, and The ADR RoomPhotos by Ashley Smith ( Thanks to all the amazing friends/musicians who helped me play my songs. I never could have done this without all your love and support. Additional thanks to Eric Muth, Max Rauch, Paul Impellizeri, Blair Ollendorf, Brandon Bost, Ian Farmer, Jake Ewald, Ashley Smith, The Treehouse, Lee Porter and all of my friends and family.Please check out all the amazing musicians involved:W.C. LindsayLucy StoneModern BaseballKill3r WhaleWild RompitCongenital Death

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  • the Lost Lenore - works for me in conjunction with minoxidil

    It is working for me. I'm also using minoxidil and taking hair/skin/nails vitamins. The hairmax site does say that by using these at once you get better results than with just one method. It makes sense to me. I have been treating my scalp with HairMax and minoxidil for about two months now and have been taking supplements for 3 months. After the first 3-4 weeks of the HairMax and minoxidil, I had an increase in shedding which scared me because it was like almost chemo level shedding. That happened for about 3 weeks. Then there was one week of itchy scalp which supposedly marks the beginning of a new growth cycle. Then the shedding changed to normal level, like a person without hair loss problems has. Now I am not a rich girl, so I bought a used HairMax online instead of a new expensive one. Someone was selling their older corded model and getting a newer cordless one. The older model works just fine though. I don't mind plugging it in. It seems like my hair is easier to style and behaves better than it used to. Feels softer. I am at the 2 month mark where the excessive loss has stopped, so in another month or so I expect to see new hairs starting to come in. If you are losing hair make sure you are getting proper nutrition and have the doctor check you for anemia, hypothyroidism, etc. Then you can be sure you're not missing anything, so that maximizes the likelihood of getting results from the hairmax and minoxidil treatments.

  • Amazon Customer - Don't get it.

    This pen is junk. Good idea done wrong. I had to send back the first one. The second one worked once in a while. I paid 35 buck so I guess I got what I paid for.

  • Clint Tasset - Takes less than 2 minutes to install

    Super simple product to install. Basically plug and play, then have fun with your dual mode exhaust. Car should have had this by factory to begin with.

  • J. Gill - Great travel book - as always

    Rick Steve has always had a quality product and his Spain 2013 is no exception. Book arrived on time and in perfect condition.

  • Amazon Customer - Five Stars

    Probably the best version of PES I've played. The physics engine is much better than previous editions.

  • Diane W. - JUNK

    Purchased June 2008. Stopped working Nov 2009.1 year warrantee. Power failure. Used in the kitchen light usage. Unfortunately the power supply is garbage. Red power standby is lit. When attempt to turn it on green flashes and goes dead. Done with Element products.Out $500. Thanx.