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  • Michael Reviews - Good product;, badly made pump.

    The cream is excellent. The pumb on the 20 ounce container is very badly made. I have three 20 ounce containers, but the pumps of two broke and the third does not pump any cream. I am buying other skin creams.


    I have been using antivirus software since 1999---not a lifetime maybe, but I consider myself a fairly knowledgeable user. I have experience with McAfee, Norton, Avast, and several others. I settled on Kapersky after reading a number of critical reviews in PC Magazine, Maximum PC to name a couple. I installed Kapersky several years ago and have never looked back. I do however, buy a new software package every year, simply to save money. The annual renewal is much steeper than ordering a new disc online. Highly recommend this product, and I am sure many folks would prefer the convenience of simply renewing their license every year rather than my version of saving some money of my stellar PC protection.

  • Alexander Chang - DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK!

    In addition to the obvious errors, they have subtle errors that just frustrate you. I remember a typo mixing up ethanol and ethanal. They also have errors in the very few practice problems they do offer. You may get a question right even though the answer key said it was wrong. For those of you taking your DAT, don't bother with Kaplan either. I took a look at their DAT book and its exactly the same as the MCAT book with the physics pages ripped out. I was vey disappointed with this product. KAPLAN is a pathetic excuse for a test prep company. They just capitalize on the fact that they are a big name and they know people will buy their books based off of brand recognition

  • purplehehs - Haven't done anything amazing but it fixed my lamp

    Bought this after seeing what some people have been doing to fix stuff on you tube... I'm not that talented. Some people make flowering vines to cover a damaged teapot handle and other such stuff... Quite beautiful but I'm just a basic kind of girl. Yet so far it worked great! My crazy 5 year old broke our lamp shade off on the lamp where the metal joins together and I used this to fix it. The mixing directions were helpful if a little difficult to color match but as I was thinking I was going to have to make due with unmatched I can't complain much. It keeps for longer if you store it in the fridge which is great but I would still recommend either buying it after storing up a few broken items or sharing it with a friend who also needs to fix some stuff. As soon as it is exposed to air it starts to set and it's expensive so you really need to use it to make it worth while. I would buy it again but I think I might wait to open the pack when I have more than one project to repair.

  • Amazon Customer - dont buy this

    I hate this product I don't even have words to say its the worst ever OK I have not lost weight its been two and a half weeks I look the same and weight the same the worst part I have had headaches and leg pain stomach pain and feel like trowing up every day !!!!! I hate how I had to waste my money on this stuff I only took it because I had took the hair skin and nail from it works and it work fine for me made my hair grow quick and I thought this would work also but no :( don't buyy this just a waste of money

  • PsiGuy - Every new version gets worse and worse.

    Every new version gets worse and worse. $400 for basically what you can get for free with open office. also it requires a microsoft login which is stupid.

  • Kelly N. - I've used other brands and formulas before with wonderful results. I'm not sure if it was my ...

    Followed all instructions correctly and had zero results. I mean nothing. I've used other brands and formulas before with wonderful results. I'm not sure if it was my body or what but I would invest in another brand.