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SootheAway Turn Off The Pain - Drug Free Pain Releif - Natural Pain Relief Device uses heating and cooling therapy for Chronic pain treatment. Drug-free & Natural Pain Relief at the push of a button, ideal for Migraines Relief.

  • Hot & Cold Pain Relief | Instant Relief for Chronic Headaches - The SootheAway hot and cold pain relief system turns off acute and chronic pain and provides instant relief for chronic headaches, migraine headaches and stress headaches.
  • Therapeutic Relief Pads | Hot Therapy | Cold Therapy | Hot Cold Therapy - Therapeutic relief pads of SootheAway, pain relief system deliver hot therapy or cold therapy to the area of pain. Relieves your pain, aches and discomfort instantly.
  • Sinus Relief | Eyelid Surgery Pain Relief | Thermal Eye Pain Relief Pad - The SootheAway Thermal heating and cooling eye pad provides sinus pain relief for sinus headaches, eyelid surgery pain relief and can reduce swelling and bruising from eyelid surgery.
  • Front and Side Head Relief Pad | Migraine Headaches Treatment - Hot and cold therapy provides effective migraine headaches treatment. Use Front and side head relief pad of SootheAway thermal therapy system to treat Migraines.
  • Rear Head (Occipital) Relief Pad | Natural Occipital Headache Treatment - Natural Occipital Headache Treatment using heating and cooling pads. Rear Head Pain Relief Pad of SootheAway relieves your occipital headache instantly.
  • Universal Pad | Natural Back Pain Treatment | Joint Pain Relief - Universal Thermal therapy pad of SootheAway provides pain relief for joints, muscles, neck and shoulder. Natural back pain treatment at the push of a button.
  • Injection Pad | Injection Pain Relief | Acute Pain Management - Injection Pad of SootheAway system is used for acute pain management in targeted area of skin. Benefit from hot and cold therapy to relieve Injection pain.
  • Migraine Headache Relief | Hot Cold Pads for Migraine Pain - The SootheAway’s hot cold pads for migraine pain provide comfortable, adjustable, drug free, natural migraine headache relief . Get rid of migraine headache pain fast without the hassle of other migraine treatments.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury | TBI Headache Pain Relief - The SootheAway provides drug free TBI headache pain relief for veterans and others suffering from painful headaches caused by Traumatic Brain Injury. The SootheAway’s comfortable heating and cooling pads help veterans TBI headache pain dramatically.

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  • Janet T. - Four Stars

    I really enjoyed the diversity of these stories and how well they were written. I would recommend them.

  • JillyK - Great Set! Well Worth The Money!

    What an awesome price for this great set. I bought this to use at school for our school garden. I love the pruners and the shears. I also use the shears to twist weeds out of the ground. The pruners cut very well. I highly recommend this awesome set. It is attractive, and it is a great deal!

  • mariam - Don't buy this - DRIES HAIR!

    This product dries my hair completely. I used it as a leave in conditioner but leaves hair feeling patched and not smooth at all! Better off with something else.

  • ChristmasCarol - Product Delivers What I want

    I bought this product on the advice of a Derm that appeared on The Doctors TV show. I was surprised that she told the name of the product to use. They usually tell you to get a serum, moisturizer,etc. I use this serum side by side with some of the PerriconeMD products. So far so good-my skin looks and feels great!! Another plus-the price is right!

  • Robert Swafford - Poor Quality

    Prompt shipment carried this monster upstairs and quick and easy assy. Started to use the equip within 30 minutes. We used the product infrequently for about 60 days and my wife said it was making a clicking noise. The rollers hit the frame when used aggresively. I called customer service and a replacement part was shipped.. Recieved 3 days later, installed, no change. Called again, rep came out to replace arms. Only one was replace because that wasn't the problem. He ordered the entire bottom rails frame and all. It came in about 4 days later. Called the rep and returned 3 days later. Replaced the parts and seemed ok. Not when used aggresively. Still clicks. Now had too long for return. Amazon said go to company, company no responce. Product works BUT it clicks, freaks me out.

  • Emily Steiner - Many mistakes throughout the book

    Good practice, but there are mistakes you probably wont catch if you don't already know the material.