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  • Testimonials | SmartSlim - Brenda Bingham from Germiston Size 42 to 30 in just 3 months!Brenda lost 6 dress sizes in 3 months, but she refused to say how many kilos!"This capsules really
  • Fat to thin | Weight Loss South Africa | SmartSlim - fat to thin - To lose weight permanently does not only mean changing what and how much you eat! Lose weight quickly, try it now. Weight Loss South Africa
  • weight loss FAQ | How to lose the weight | SmartSlim - Help me to lose weight? Check out our weight loss FAQ. The answers to all your frequently asked questions about weight loss with SmartSlim
  • weight loss | lose weight faster | SmartSlim - SmartSlim - If you want to experience weight loss or you need assistance to lose weight fast, please give us your feedback.
  • Professor Harry G. Preuss | SmartSlim - Professor Harry G. Preuss, MD, MACN, CNS, received his BA and MD from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, and New York City, NY, trained for 3 years in internal
  • Professor Sidney (Sid) J. Stohs | SmartSlim - Professor Sidney (Sid) J. Stohs received his B. S. Degree in Pharmacy and M. S. Degree in Pharmacognosy (Natural Medicinal Products) from the University of

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  • Adam Miner - and isn't obtrusively large like other bands

    I don't use activity trackers (as I really don't care how many steps I take or calories I burn), but this one is different. The swim tracking (although not perfect), does beat what I expected it to report. Also, the running mode shows how hard your feet are hitting the ground and reminds on technique (preventing injury from heavy foot strikes). Overall, it's a neat little gadget, and isn't obtrusively large like other bands.

  • Amazon Customer - Good game but crappy guitar

    Bought this for my son. He really enjoyed it until the guitar broke. He had it for only a couple of weeks. We returned it with no problems because amazon is awesome. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Picked up a fender guitar, strap, picks, a carrying case and the game with the wire all for the same price as the bundle. The fender guitar is soooo much better then the guitar that comes with the game. My son was always tuning the guitar after every song. The fender always stays tuned.

  • Mike Lubin - Great Value

    Book was in Brand New condition. I was able to learn how to use PowerPoint 2013 with it's excellent instructions and exercises.

  • m.c. - Changed My Skin!!

    This cream has changed my skin. I've been dealing with acne since my early teens and had tried nearly everything to clear it up. I was at a loss and was very hesitant to purchase this due to the high cost - I didn't want to be throwing away my money on yet another ineffective product, but was willing to try almost anything. So I sprung for this. Within 3 days my skin was softer and smoother than I can ever remember it being. I went from a minimum of 3 painful and big new pimples a day to about 3 minor spots a week! So obviously nothing is a miracle and I do occasionally have a pimple or two, but I haven't had a single major breakout since I started using this product! I only use this once a day (before bed), but have never been so comfortable and happy with my skin.

  • franklynn - datebook

    i order two of these every year- one for me and one for a friend. i love them and will continue to buy them. good size to toss in your purse.

  • M. A. Passero - Great quality.

    Great quality...fits well. I suggest buyers go to youtube and check out how to install this fuel door assembly, it's easier than trying to understand the

  • Amazon Customer - It is faster to search rules than the book and ...

    Nice having it on my iPad. It is faster to search rules than the book and if there is a related rule it has a hyperlink to the related rule.