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  • Ericka12345 - Unbelievable. Lola Dog is now Calm, not Crazy.

    I love her, but frankly, Lola Dog is crazy. She's anxious, submissive, nervous, barky, irritating, and clingy. When I leave the house without her, she howls. People passing on the street drive her into paroxysms. Her anxieties are HUGE. The vet prescribed Xanax, but before I filled the prescription, I bought Lola a Thundershirt. Lola loves it, I'm a total convert, and my friends are amazed.

  • Michelle B - Great!

    I was amazed at how well this product works! My husband and I use muscle rubs on our sore backs all the time. We were pleasantly surprised that it didn't smell like toothpaste or produce that hot or cool sensation that other creams do. That is sometimes a little overwhelming. It just takes the pain away with no "side effects".

  • KimmyG - Better lashes..:)

    This product is designed to help you grow longer eyelashes. I have been using this product for about a week now. I cannot honestly say that my eyelashes are longer, but I have noticed that they are in better condition. You use it like an eyeliner, and line around your lash line. I have gotten some in my eyes and it burned a bit, but I dabbed a tissue in the corner of my eye, and that seemed to take care of it. Another nice aspect of this product is that when your eyelashes are conditioned, it makes your mascara go on so much better. This is a nice purchase for someone who needs help with their lashes.

  • john rubis - A marginal OEM replacement

    Pros: It works with my 2008 Tacoma. Programmed on the first try. Range seems to equal the OEM version.