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  • Homey - reduces... not eliminates the noise

    It's okay. Easy enough to install, and it does reduce the noise from the pump. But, it doesn't eliminate the noise. I would guess it reduced the noise by maybe 35% to 40%. I also install some foam pipe insulation on the supply line as far as I could reach which also helped to reduce the vibration between the pipe and some of the RV structure. I would recommend it but know that it only reduces the noise, not eliminate the noise.

  • alfred feliciano - Love it was not very difficult to install

    Love it was not very difficult to makes my truck look bad ass, compared to the plastic bumper it had. My 2008 Tachoma needed a face lift in the back and I got it in spades....customer support was excellent they picked up the phone (which is surprising today) and they walked my son through the install questions he had. Love it now I am looking at ordering the Front Body Armor.....I hope I could add a picture later since the truck is at my wharehouse

  • Vegas Buzz - Big bar of soap...

    This soap is big. It smells good and fresh. I don't know about the exfoliating effect but I can tell it has the apricots on it. I cannot tell for sure if the brightening effect works for me, as I am not even halfway done with it, it probably will be using this soap for more than two more months or maybe even three.

  • narges - Bad product and customer service

    This product is really not worth buying. It gave me a burning sensation along with a rash.I did write to them asking for a refund ,but they have not careD to respond.very bad customer service too.