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  • Randy Mack - earthing worked for me from night one.

    I first heard about earthing two years ago from scientist James Oschman PhD, who as a world-class scientist researching and writing on the scientific basis of energy medicine has been exposed to many many of the various purported healing devices on the market today. So when he told me how excited he was about earthing I paid attention. I read his three journal articles on the science behind it as well. Fascinating. It is not hard for me to believe, given that we evolved in contact with the energy field of the earth, that it is a nurturing healing force in our lives. One that is largely absent in our modern lifestyle. My sleep pattern went from 5-6 hours per night to 7-8 from the first night I slept on the earthing sheets. I have a number of friends and acquaintances who are now earthing, often with remarkable benefits. One that was especially touching was that of a 90 y/o woman who had been incontinent for a couple of decades, and is now mostly free of that embarrassing inconvenience. There are other stories as well. It'll be interesting to see the statistics re earthing, as a population using these aids ages, given that chronic low-grade inflammation has been implicated in so many of the degenerative aspects of aging.

  • KBWICKHAM - Great product. I just received it and used it ...

    Great product. I just received it and used it last night for the first time. I have the simple little Kreg jib but this makes everything much easier and quick. clamp and drill. It is a pricey piece for what it is but if it lasts for years, I am happy.

  • Todd - Durable and very comfortable

    I really do like these chairs. The cost with shipping makes them still a good buy as a pair as compared to other chairs sold individually. These are comfortable and will make me fall asleep if I fully recline into zero gravity position. Warning don't do this in the sun...just saying. The fabric is very durable, the weak link is the cord that fastens the fabric to the tubing. I would assume the cord can be easily replaced with a good woven nylon cord of the same diameter when they do fail. Mine are still holding up well after a year, but I do bring them into the house during the winter.

  • Ashley Rigunay - It Works! Really does work.

    I love this product. I don't sell it I buy it. You don't take it and then go eat a Big Mac. You take it, you drink the water, you eat better, and you see results. I have lost 7lbs in the past 2 weeks.