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  • Isaac Lubrun - This thing really kill those sons of Bitches. Its ...

    This thing really kill those sons of Bitches. Its a big container so you can put it in little bottles and refill them. It kills on contact.

  • Ender42 - Great TV, awesome picture, Prime Day price (from BestBuy)

    Just picked this 55" up from Best Buy when they matched the Prime Day sale price. It arrived today and I just got it mounted to the wall. The TV is much lighter than my old LG Plasma (50"), and the old mount that I had worked great. The picture quality on this TV blows away the picture on my LG, which was 8 years old and needed to be replaced anyway.

  • Beth O - Amazing cookbook!!

    Beautifully photographed recipes that are so easy to follow and are healthy!! You hit the jackpot when you purchase this book! I follow Skinnytaste on social media and love that she always posts the calories and every recipe in then book also includes this! Fast or slow this book has it all!

  • Pam0815 - I would repurchase this again even as a gift

    I have had many a steam mops over the years & Bissell happens to be my favorite brand. From the reviews I see here & I just bought one. I might want to add to the reviews that the mop does work better if you use the sweep part of it first & then turn on the steam. You will find that you are much happier with the product this way. One draw back is that it does not reach the last 1-2 inches of the baseboard as the vacume part comes first on this product & the steam portion is right behind it.

  • Oscar R Linn - SAT Guru

    The book presents a real study guide for the SAT score; read it, learn it, and you will get an above the average score.

  • Sharing Sheryl - Wow....

    I am in love with this product! After what seemed like only weeks using it any discolorations began to fade. Every since puberty I have had at least one pimple a day...after using this my face has been super clear and I can;t remeber the last time I had to wear makeup. Good stuff! I just found out I am pregnant, though and must discontinue use until after the baby is born. Here's hoping I don't become a pizza face int he mean time!

  • Sally - The math section in this was horrible and nothing like the exam at all

    The biology and chemistry sections were a little limited with information, even though I scored an 80th percentile on each of those sections. I also studied from the Princeton Review and I found their chemistry a little more clear than Kaplan's review. The math section in this was horrible and nothing like the exam at all. The actual PCAT was about 10-15% similar on the math section, so I recommend using other materials to study for the Quantitative Abilities section. Overall, it was slightly helpful on all the other sections, but don't waste your time studying this book alone!