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  • Marc A. Beltran - Don't trust this product if you live in a cold weather area.

    I live in the Chicago area and bought this for my Dad for his birthday. He was very excited to receive it as a gift and set it up right away. Unfortunately, after a few months of usage, he woke up at 4:00 in the morning and it was 60 degrees in the house (-5 degrees outside). The nest had completely shutdown. He had to change the thermostat back to the old one to bring the temperature in the house up again. Fortunately someone was home to catch this otherwise the pipes could have burst because of the cold temperatures. Don’t trust this product if you live in a cold weather area.

  • kelsga22 - nutrilite glucosamine

    Been taking this for years. Great quality. Has really helped with my psoriatic arthritis. Take it along with fish oil to really help arthritis!

  • FueledByRamen - It's perfect.

    I didn't think this was actually going to work, but it is. I have texture issues and worried that it would gross me out using charcoal powder on my teeth. It's actually not awful though and my teeth look noticeably whiter. I didn't tell anyone I was using it and several friends asked me what I was using. I don't even have gross teeth so it's not like it should have been as noticeable as it was. I found I had best results when I brushed and then left it on my teeth for 3 or 4 minutes. I then rinse and rebrush with normal toothpaste to make sure all the charcoal is out.