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  • Heron Watching - I'm sorry to hear (from the reviews) that Finale has ...

    I'm sorry to hear (from the reviews) that Finale has been taken over by a parasitic investment company that is apparently intent on sucking the base dry, providing no customer support and running it into the ground. I was considering upgrading from Makemusic, but the reviews of Finale's latest version make it clear that I would be throwing away money of a piece of junk.

  • E. Witham - Don't waste your money

    I rarely write online reviews for products but this was the worst $6.99 I ever spent. The controls are terrible. The list of controls are multiple pages long. This is not a game where you can just relax for a few minutes. I give it one star because there is no lower rating.

  • E. Jordan - Best Product for glistening floors with easy application

    This product is wonderful. I am a perfectionist about my floors. I have antique random width notty pine floors. I am very careful to keep them looking good. Quick Shine makes the floors sparkle with a shine that is just right. It is easy to apply. I use the Swiffer dry cloth refills. This allows me to change the applicator after each room and not have the problem of smearing residual dirt from room to room. I don't apply Quick Shine until the floors have first been cleaned with Bona cleaner.

  • Anonymous - Incongruity...can't pet my dog with this on my hands...

    I received this product free from Pinch Me in exchange for an honest review, and honestly, either my skin is super-thick or this didn't work all that well (or both). The massaging action used to apply the creamy, unscented product probably provided more relief than the product itself.