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St. George's Shoulder Unit | Welcome to St. George's Shoulder Unit - The St George's Shoulder Unit is dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment of conditions affecting the shoulder and elbow.

  • St. George's Shoulder Unit | Contacts - Essential contacts for Mr Tennent, Mr Pearse and the St. George's Shoulder Unit

    Country:, Europe, DE

    City: 12.1667 Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

  • Amazon Customer - Great product!

    Love this product so far. Took it for the first time Saturday night after a long day/night of drinking for an event. I usually get very bad hangovers but instead I just woke up tired!

  • C. Roberts - Ock sounds like when we say Ugh

    I read some of the two-star reviews and just thought I would mention that the use of 'ock', and 'aye' was very much a part of that time period. Ock sounds like when we say Ugh. The book is wonderfully historical and sensual. I enjoy both. This is a very good read. Ms. Jarecki did a lot of research and explained most of it at the end. My favorite quote is, "You're about as demure as a badger - though you're as resourceful as a beaver." Ms. J. you keep writing. I'll keep reading.

  • Anongw65 - I love this board

    I love this board! Although not an extreme overclocker, I like having the option at hand. My only issue that I've had with the board is with it's BIOS. Fortunately, the board has a backup BIOS, and I've been booting off of that without issue. I've tried the "flashback" utility and copying over my BIOS 2 setting over to BIOS 1, but all to no avail. That being said, as I'm happy with my system and it's performance, the issue that I have with BIOS 1 is not enough for me to tear the whole computer apart to RMA the board. For that fact, my actual rating should be 4.5, but I can't put in a half star.

  • Troy Riser - Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Performance Was Amazing

    I have a weakness for scenery-chewing villains and Jeffrey Dean Morgan's spot-on portrayal of the gleefully murderous Negan is riveting to watch. Every movement, every word spoken, every action taken by Morgan's Negan is calculated to terrorize and dominate and I'm guessing few actors could believably pull it off. Morgan does. There's a risk in a cartoony portrayal with such a character but there was absolutely nothing funny or off-key about Negan. As a viewer, you have to ask yourself if the bad guy leader is the kind of man who could realistically evoke fear and obedience from a hundred (or more) hardened zombie apocalypse survivors. The way Morgan plays the role, yes, yes he could. Negan's no cartoon.

  • Lenora Roberts - Healthy Hair Staple

    Since using the Aphogee system my hair is extremely healthy, strong(as a rope)and soft(as cotton) which promotes and bring about growth, this is the desire for every woman with natural ethnic hair. It's a great product for all hair types may it be straight, wavy, curly or kinky. If you're into strong and healthy hair then this is the product for you. Love it, love it, love it!