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  • hots2trotsky - Health risk for the family

    Prior to purchasing this product I would recommend entering "pfoa lawsuit dupont" into your preferred search engine. After reading up on the topic it's clear to me that I don't want to expose my family to these kinds of toxins. You can decide for yourself but in my opinion it's frightening that they can even sell this stuff considering what we know about it.

  • shamika - great

    it as like new everything was great but it didnt come with the online code for the online portion but other than that it as fine

  • Nicole Newton - Great hold for fine hair

    Great product. Super hold. Does what it says it does. I have short fine hair that requires some teasing and help to get body into it. But once I get it where I want it I can use this and it does a great job at keeping the shape. don't try to style after application though because this isn't a "working" product. Don't apply until you are sure you are happy with the style.

  • jill zumack - We DO NOT have another one, when a replacement ...

    We DO NOT have another one, when a replacement was sent to me it was because we never got the one that was supposedly sent a week or so before. Please take it off my card. I will begin process to take it to Amazon for a formal complaint of it is not taken off within the next week. Feel free to call me at any time to discuss.

  • carguy - Just Dance 2015 for Playstation 4

    No matter what I tried, I couldn't get the Playstation camera to pick up my grandkids. I tried almost everything, including

  • Paula Higgins - Needs better distribution

    Great read, but is this book getting to its intended audience? Has anyone thought of how we get this book into the hands of icebergs?