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South Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition - The South Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition promotes, protects and supports the art and science of human milk feeding as the superior form of nutrition and nurture for infants and young children.

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  • icedragon - Great Little Stove

    I bought this to conserve on propane use since electric is cheaper than propane. It boiled water in under 5 minutes on the big burner. The little one works well for lower temp simmering. I was concerned because many of these got negative reviews but i sprung for one. Now i never use my stove. To sum it up i would recommend purchasing one of these!!!

  • downtown - I'm moving slowly in to the 21st century

    This thing really works well. I have it being used with my Echo Dot and it works great; though not perfect. Every 2-3 weeks or so when I ask Alexa to "Turn on the bedroom lamp" my Echo Dot says it can't find anything to connect to control my bedroom lamp. I need to unplug the TP-Link Plug and plug it back in whereupon everything seems to reinitialize and work properly again. However, I can't definitively fault the plug for this, as the weak link might be the Dot or my wi-fi system. In any case, I am pleased with the device. The app for control through my iProducts works great, easy to use and set up.

  • MANsion - Not for to be desperate or really stuffy to attempt use again

    I read many reviews and some people like it. I really don't care for the nose strips. I wiped my face before placing the strip on so the oil from my skin wouldn't interfere with the adhesive. The strips barely stayed in place although they did not completely fall off. When morning came and I took the strips off it was difficult and actually left adhesive on my face even after I used alcohol and witch hazel to remove. I think I will try something that can insert into my nostrils next time I need nasal relief.

  • null - I really like this monitor

    I really like this monitor. The design is really sharp, modern and clean. The picture and colors are great, the IPS panel makes viewing angles wide and the stand is adjustable. An HDMI input on the back is a plus, and for a $100 monitor, there isn't really anything else a person could ask for. However, there is one small gripe I had about this, until I forcibly corrected it.

  • David - Great to have for campers

    I needed something for some walkies we use when we are out of cell range. Works well in direct sunlight and even slowly charges on partly cloudy days. Charge speed depends on available sunlight. Sometimes faster than others but overall, reliable. It stows in my backpack and doesn't add much weight. Don't expect anything close to "rapid" charge - but it will get the job done.

  • jrtalent - Save your money and frustration.

    Did 2 back-ups to Seagate drives. Downloaded the manual to make sure I could do the restore. Tried for hours to restore the backups without success. Went to their web site for help, that is a colossal waste of time. Tried to sign in to contact support, site kept sending me into loops. Save your money. I don't know if you if can get my money back for this crap-ware, so this is my revenge. Oh by the way, they want more money to use their cloud.

  • FilMeUp - J.K. Lasser's "Your Income Tax 2010"

    Consistently, over the years, the best of the income tax guides for individual taxpayers. Well documented with clear, complete and well-organized explanations of both simple and complex taxable transactions, along with summaries of court decisions on many of the more confusing aspects of tax law. I've been buying J.K. Lasser's annual editions for over 20 years, and have never been sorry.