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Say No To Topical Steroids - "Curing Eczema" - Blog dedicated to raise awareness on Topical Steroid Addiction, Withdrawal and Eczema. Why you should "Say No To Topical Steroids" to cure your "Eczema"

  • About - Say No To Topical Steroids - About us. Hello. My name is Leslie, creator of this website and I am a sufferer of topical steroid addiction. This site aims to increase awareness on this iatrogenic disease and to provide quality lifestyle-centric information on general health and skincare.
  • Topical Steroid Withdrawal: The Ultimate Resource Page - The ultimate resource page for topical steroid withdrawal and addiction (red skin syndrome) - symptoms, duration, blogs, Dr Rapaport, Dr Kligman, Dr Fukaya

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  • pondtunes - Grounds for Divorce

    Works well and is versatile. But it makes a huge mess. The mess is everywhere. After each grind we find grounds on the counter, on the floor, on our clothes. We had to buy a dedicated Dust Buster just to keep in the kitchen next to the grinder.

  • SisterSue - John Hiatt's latest

    I might wear this one out. His words always ring true for me, and touch my heart. And some songs are just plain fun to sing along to. I suggest you turn it up and sing loud!

  • Ronald Stearns - The Holy Grail of adhesives!

    This stuff is absolutely great when used porous surfaces. It dries crystal clear, with no foaming as is normal for urethane glues. Applied glue dries hard to the touch but remains flexible when thinly applied. Cleans up with water yet is waterproof. Doesn't yellow like epoxies. Having all these qualities make this product unique. For me they are imperative to me since I Bought this for fishing crafts. I use it for sealing threads on bucktail jigs and flies, fly line repair and gluing cork handles for rod building. For that it's the absolute best because it's consistency can be adjusted as needed with a small brush dipped in water or pre diluted in a small refillable squeeze bottle. I'm so glad I found this product particularly for the water clean up. Oh did I say there's no smell either!

  • A Customer - Easy Video Editing

    Note that I have only used this for video editing (and probably won't use the photo editing features). I have a 4 year old PC, decent speed but no demon.