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Home - FPIES UK - FPIES uk website for food protein induced enterocolitis information and support in the united kingdom, fpies is a non IgE allergy which causes delayed vomiting to foods or formula. commonly milk, rice

  • Information - FPIES UK - FPIES UK website for food protein induced enterocolitis information and support in the united kingdom

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    City: 9.491 , Germany

  • AlliMc - Very disappointed from years past.

    I just wanted to say that I was not at all happy with this Holiday Barbie. I have been collecting them for years and this one was very disappointing. She was completely off from the others in past years. The hair wasn't "stiff" and in place. Her face and makeup were a little weird, her dress seemed cheap and her shoes would not stay on like Holiday Barbies in the past. She was completely posed differently and her left arm is pointing down rather then at her waist, like all the other dolls have. She did not come with a stand like in past years, which for people like me who take them out of box and display them was really a let down. All the other Holiday Barbies seem really over the top beautiful, well made and just lovely but this one 2012 seemed cheap (even thought price tag was 40 bucks)from doll itself to the dress to shoes to no stand. I didn't return it simply because I have been collecting forever and didn't want to miss a year. But 2012 will definitely be the year of crappy Holiday Barbie. I do not recommend. The 2013 doll looks very promising though.

  • Brandon L. Barnes - It works!

    I followed the instructions and it worked perfectly! I am a regular smoker that weighs 250lbs. Drank the bottle and took an in home test about 5 mins before I took the real deal and passed. Whew!!

  • The Saint - good purchase - would buy again

    I buy these same In the Swim tablets every year. They are convenient and keep the pool in good shape all year. Update - March 2015 - I purchased again, not through Amazon, but direct from ITS. They are good tablets.

  • Barbara Beach-moody - This book has changed my life

    I read this book and began oil-pulling about 2 months ago. Since then I have reversed documented nerve damaged and avoided my 5th back surgery. My arthritis in my knees is much better. I have lost weight and my cellulite is going away. My teeth are whiter, my gum tighter. I feel more energetic, happier and optimistic than I have in years allowing me to get off some prescription meds. This is a program that is completely "no harm - no foul"! Over the years I have spent thousands of dollars chasing health and relief of 10 years of chronic pain. This program costs maybe 25ยข a day and a minimum of 20 minutes. I am blown away. I have shared this book with my dentist, doctors, surgeon, friends and family. Everyone sees some change - some faster some slower. I have noticed the more you pull the more changes you see. This book is a must for those who seek health!!!!

  • Melissa - Five Stars

    My kids really loved this gift for Christmas and especially the purple color. They will not put it Down

  • user927 - Worked great for me!

    Got this today. I'm naturally blonde, and have light peach fuzz. I was skeptical about this working. I put a thin layer of the protective balm on, and rubbed it in past the area I wanted hair removal. Put the cream on my finger and it was thinner than I expected, but applied the thick layer over the balm with no problem. Besides the smell (gross), I had no problems. Wiped it off 7 minutes later and it worked perfectly! Every little hair gone. I plan on adding this to my beauty routine as needed. I do have thin/light hair, which I'm sure made it easier, but I'm very pleased with the results!