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Roy Povarchik - Content marketer and growth expert. - My name is Roy Povarchik, I’m a growth consultant for startups and founder of the agency ‘Growth by content”. 
I work with startups on improving different aspects of their product, to acquire, convert, engage and retain users. I focus on growth driven content marketing strategies, CRO // Funnel optimization and retention strategies.

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  • John P - Quality product for certain uses.

    I have been using this product for years because it's safe for tint. And overall been happy. But by chance I ran out and borrowed a neighbors bottle of Sprayway. I feel the Sprayway foaming product is superior for cars. I still use this for other windows.

  • Robert G Betke Jr - HORRIBLE! Amateur

    HORRIBLE! Amateur! Trash! Total waste of time. The absolute worst acting I have EVER seen. I couldn't even get past ten minutes of it. I think whoever put this mess together did the entire thing with his high school graduation money and only used friends and family as the actors!!!!! "Ok Uncle George now remember you are Lord Of the Vampire Devils from Hell. And Action!!" LOL You've got to be pretty stoned to watch this one all the through or too lazy to put something better on!

  • Savy shopper - complete waste of a lot of money

    No, this did not meet my expectations at all. If I could give it a "0" I would. complete waste of a lot of money!!!! Was supposed to help cure a wound, it did nothing!! I used it for 2 full weeks and zero results. I then used purified water and sea salt and for pennies, it is healing! I am going to return this product! DO NOT BUY IT..IT IS NOT THE MIRACLE OINTMENT THEY CLAIM!

  • G. Martin - Excellent washer Cleaner

    Purchased product to clean 3 month old Maytag Bravos HE washer with stainless steel tub and no agitator. Maytag recommends this product and even has a washer setting for it. Well packaged, clear directions, easy to us, no mess, no odor, fairly priced. Did an excellent job. Recommend for regular use.

  • I Am Her - Love each and every song.

    I don't usually listen to rap/hip hop but J. Cole is of a different breed. His music actually talks about something and doesn't just rhyme like these talentless rappers. I got a good laugh out of the outro. He has a new fan :)