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  • Diana - Love this product!

    I love this product!! It really makes you look like you have a natural tan and doesn't leave streaks that other products I have tried. This is my 2nd summer using this product and I really think it is something you should try if you want s nice summer tan.

  • Projects - Used for yeast overgrowth

    I love these enzymes. They are an integral part of my son's anti-yeast regimen. These in addition to probiotics help to keep the yeast under control without the use of dangerous anti-fungal meds.

  • Amazon Customer - it sits nicely on his coffee table or bookshelf as a proper ...

    My co-worker is a HUGE Ghostbusters fan and I got it as a gift for him. Even though the logo or the work "official" is not slapped on it anywhere, it sits nicely on his coffee table or bookshelf as a proper book that mostly Ghostbusters fans will recognize. I leafed through one months ago and was thrilled to find it on Amazon so I purchased two because I can't let my co-worker be the only one to own a copy.

  • nancy crews - Weight loss aid

    I chose this product because Amazon recommended it to me when i purchased my Garcina Cambogia. With the help of these two products, i have lost 46 lbs in the last 8 months. I have more to lose and plan on continuing the use of this product.

  • HurleyP. - One of the Greatest Lego Concepts Ever!!

    First off, it's Lego, so you know it's going to be fun to play. But this takes it to a whole new level! This has an immense free-roam city made of Lego's and has an excellent story line that makes for a fun game to play. Even if you're new to the Lego video games, it's very simple to play, and the missions don't take hours to complete or make it difficult to figure out what you're supposed to do. The characters are pretty funny, and taking down bad guys is a lot fun. Basically, for everything that you can do, it's well worth the price, graphics are good, even in 3D, and is simple enough anyone can play it, but intense enough that hard core gamers will still get a lot of enjoyment from playing it!!

  • S. Mansfield - Big waste of money!

    New Astrology Horoscopes - Chinese is a big disappointment to me? As I am not in any career right now and not in my 20's and not dating any guys at this point in my life.....this book is totally useless to those of us that are seniors and retired. I guess everything nowadays is geared to the younger consumers. It would have been much better if it was more generic and included ALL possible age groups. I threw it away and I won't buy again!

  • Keith Taylor - WILSON!

    I keep him in my office, and he has been a welcome addition to the team. He's not afraid of long hours, always keeps his smile, and is always receiving complements from co-workers.