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Restorative Medical Massage Clinic - Home - Restorative Medical Massage Clinic - Paonia, CO. Delta County's Best Therapeutic Massage for Pain Relief and Restoring Your Body Back to Health!

  • Restorative Medical Massage Clinic - Benefits of Massage Therapy - The Benefits of MassageCurrent research is beginning to validate what most clients already know about touch therapy most often referred to massage the...
  • Restorative Medical Massage Clinic - Services Available - Massage Services Available: Swedish Massage – 60 minutes: $70; 90 minutes $100A hands-on full body massage of medium pressure. Relieves mus...
  • Restorative Medical Massage Clinic - Notes Regarding Your Visit - Please wait in the reception area to fill out paperwork & to be accepted into the treatment area. All first visits involving injury or rehabilitat...
  • Restorative Medical Massage Clinic - The Power of Stretching - The Power of Stretching       Why mention power and stretching in the same blog you may be thinking. The answer is not common to most i...

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  • D. Kazanis - Lost at least 40% of reception

    This antenna, although a nice concept, decreased my radio's ability to catch stations that the stock antenna can clearly get. I was hoping to at least be within a 90% of stock reception and take the hit for this tiny antenna, but that clearly was not the case. The only reason I give 2 stars was to give credit for the size of the antenna. Maybe they should sell it with a signal amplifier.

  • CC-PA - Works as advertised SAVED THOUSANDS $$$$$$$

    After my check engine light came on (2002 Audi A6 2.7T)I was told by Audi service that I needed a new catalytic converter. The total repair was going to cost me over $2 thousand, and that's if they only replaced one of the 2 catlytic converters. It also turns out that my car meets the CA emissions requirements (even though I bought the car in PA) and there are no 3rd party CA catalytic converters made for my car, so I would be stuck with Audi's pricing. Audi reset the warning light for me, but it came back on a couple days later. I stumbled across this Cataclean while searching for replacement catalytic converters. For 25 bucks I figured it was worth a try, especially compared to the expensive $$ alternative. Well it is now 5 months after using Cataclean and my check engine light has not come back on! Also my car just recently passed its emmission inspection, which was performed by Audi service. I highly recommend trying this product if your car's computer is telling you you need a new catalytic converter. If the problem is due to the build up of gunk, then this just might do the trick. GOOD LUCK!

  • B.Carney - Package is pretty plain Jane just basic but does include a charge ...

    How handy are these? I just got my xbox one and already went through the AA's that came with it, and a pack of 4 in a weekend. Granted I may have a problem playing too much xbox, but these are the answers to my prayers! Having 2 gives me the ability to have one fully charged on stand by.

  • David Feder - Have loved them pre CSN

    Have loved them pre CSN, and post CSNY. Stills can really play and the Crosby/Nash vocals are beautiful. Lyrics a bit naive, but heart is in the right place.