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Redfern Strategic Medical Communications - Redfern Strategic Medical Communications is a firm whose specialty is medical writing for journal and publications.

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  • Amanda - IT WORKS!!

    Absolutely Love! I used The Greens for a month to cleanse, then fat fighter for a month and then I used wraps for the last month and had Amazing Results! :) my distributor is so caring, involved and works with me for my progress. She will walk you threw your fitness journey. She loves what she does! Check her out

  • jaguar - It is good stuff, made my hair silky smooth

    Bought this because I couldnt find it anyplace around me close. It is good stuff, made my hair silky smooth. Left it on for 3 hrs plus used portable hair dryer for 10 minutes every 45 minutes so it did a much deeper condition. Highly recommended.

  • Debi - Checkbook Register - Classic!

    These checkbook registers are exactly as described, just what I needed. In this day of "debit card" transactions, I go through many account registers and very few paper checks. This product is inexpensive, high quality, and perfect for my needs. The same registers that you would receive (1 of) when you order a new book of checks. Recommend!

  • John E. Butler - Matter of taste

    My dentist recommended this to me as a means of sweetening the breath during the several months I will be wearing Invisalign. I'm pretty sure it's doing that. The taste isn't gross, but it's not my favorite flavor of mint, if that matters to you. Nevertheless, I will be using it until I run out. I bought this at Amazon. There was no place I could find that was cheaper. It might have been from one of its partners.

  • Robert Fremont - 32" Element LCD Flat Screen TV or Trash

    Bought the television and rarely used it at all. Finally decided to watch a football game one night and the thing will not power up. OBW the warranty now expires after 60 days. I guess the company figured out they where producing trash so they cut the warranty short. TAKE MY ADVICE buy only name brands and stay away from the cheapies. They are a RIP-OFF.

  • J. Walker - I still feel sick...

    I just finished watching the first episode...I still feel sick. Torture porn is the best analysis I have seen bandied about the web with folks all over talking about quitting TWD. I think it's time for me to stop watching. I will not allow my emotions to be so crassly handled again.