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Home - Pineda, Hípica de Sevilla - Real Club Pineda de Sevilla es uno de los mejores clubs deportivos de España donde pueden practicarse hasta diez modalidades deportivas: Hípica, Golf, Pádel, Tenis, Frontón, Futbito, Cross, Juegos de Salón, Natación y Fitness

Country:, Europe, ES

City: -5.9761 Seville, Spain

  • Matthew Nunnally - Good quality tools

    The whisks are made of quality stainless steel and the perfec firmness for doing any mixing job. They are welded or placed into the handle as to not coming lose as I have seen happen in cheap made whisks. I like that the set has three different sizes for different jobs or big to small mixing bowls. All in all they are well made quality tools that should last forever.

  • Liz Massa - Works Great!

    Works great. I like it much better than Turbo Tax. Turbo Tax always has problems, while H&R Block works smoothly. Plus, if you aren't sure about something just call your local H&R Block office and they will take a look at it.

  • Daryl D. Poarch - Smartdraw is far superior

    I used Vizio for years while working as a landscape designer. I recently saw a colleague use Smartdraw and I knew I needed it immediately. There are more templates, easier to use, and way more bang for the buck. Thanks Smartdraw. Penny Poarch

  • D. Morganti - Soft but greasy every time

    No matter how thoroughly I rinse my hair, it remains greasy. Soft, sure, but super-greasy. I'd say you'd need thick, very curly hair for this product to look great.

  • monique11 - ... would get the stick instead but the jar is perfect they say do not rub in the skin but ...

    This product is a miracle i rubbed some on my stomach and did less than 7 minutes of arm ups and low impact steps the next day my stomach was shrunken i think it works without exercise but use when you are doing activities or going out doors and it will work i bought 2 jars it's my first purchase also my arms shrunk most people would get the stick instead but the jar is perfect they say do not rub in the skin but i do and is no problem not to much i would say it work threw layers of fat or cellulite i am so pleased with the results i wrote this review its so fun to use and mild enough for every day use as far as getting it on you clothes it will do no harm get this product it is amazingly the best in fat burn cremes