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Raw Food Blog – Raw Food Coach — Freedom From What Weighs You down - I am Tanisha Marshall. I teach women how to successfully transition into a mostly raw diet. I will show you exactly what steps you need to take to go from where you are in your diet to where you want to be.

  • Is Snacking Getting the Best of you? - Have you found yourself eating ‘just because’? Well, I know what you are going through. Many of us are so used to eating and snacking all day. When you discover the raw food lifestyle, you find out that snacking all day would take a lot of planning. Most of us don’t have access to stores that carry a wide variety of raw foods.
  • Transition to a Mostly Raw Diet with Success - So many of you have been wondering, how do I properly transition to a mostly raw diet? I know there is much confusion around this subject and believe me there are several ways to transition.

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  • C. L. Duncan - The Chase

    I love all the lego games. I was not disappointed with this game. it is so cool that you get to jump into any vehicle and drive. I got headaches from this game because I could not put the game down. My favorite vehicle is the 18 wheeler. You can run over a lot of this with this one. When you were a kid and liked lego's, then you are going to love this game no matter how old you are.

  • linh lien and tommy lien - This is no diff than getting a regular digital antenna...

    I'm glad they did not jiff people by only charging $20 for the antenna. I find it misleading that they advertise that they bypass cable to get basic channels when in reality you already have the free channels and any digital antenna will work. You DO NOT need a clear TV antenna to get the free 44 plus channels. Just know every location is different and your area you might need a stronger outdoor antenna. Outdoor antenna cost $60-to $100 but you can use outdoor antenna with more than one room by using a spitter. All Clear TV is an antenna. They are just better at marketing it.

  • Manav - Not for a beginner. Does not work that well ...

    Not for a beginner. Does not work that well with the andriod app. I played it for couple of hours and lost interest. Already returned it back.

  • Kim R. - Warning - Not Like the Original Product

    I previously purchased this product from amazon and it was great. However, this time I'm very disappointed. The consistency of the product this go around was noticeably runny - nothing like what I received before. I gave it a try anyway but it did nothing for my skin. I know what this product is capable of and unfortunately this is not it.