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  • Amazon Customer - Skip to the end

    I found Evelyn to be pathetic. In fairness, I have little patience for people who allow emotions to control their lives, which is the gist of this book. I read it as a Kindle First and was disappointed. I usually enjoy the selection but this woman was an emotional wreck until she finally pulled herself together in the last few pages. She gives men way too much power over her self esteem and swallows in self pity. She annoyed me.

  • Rose Houk - It fit the bill

    My granddaughter wanted to find constellations and this item fit the bill for her. Easy to use and it provided lots of entertainment as well as educational information.

  • Lizzie Lou - So Good I Went to Work Today Without Makeup On for The First Time in 15 yrs.

    I've always laughed at the way moisturizers are marketed as having scientific-sounding properties with "visible results" so when I bought this, I was really only expecting a nice facial cream from a reputable company at a cheap price. I started using it 10 days ago and as expected, it seemed like a decent moisturizer but otherwise unremarkable. I completely forgot about the promise of "visible results" never having really expected them due to the low price. Then, about three days ago, I went to put on my makeup before work and stopped because it looked like I already had. I had to actually wipe a tissue over my face to reassure myself that no, I wasn't losing my mind--it was my bare skin. I can't believe it but after only a matter of days, my face looks like it did 15 years ago when I was 36. Back then, I had great skin and could get away with using a bare minimum amount of liquid makeup. As I got older, though, I had to use more and more to the point that by the time I was 50, I wouldn't be caught dead in public without makeup on. Today, I went to work without makeup for the first time in 15 yrs. Even my husband, who thinks beauty products are a scam and a waste of money, commented about it and he NEVER notices anything--not hair coloring or styling, new nails, pedicures, facials and professional makeup--nothing. This stuff is AMAZING. Add the price to the equation and it's really the best beauty product I think I have ever purchased. I read the review cautioning to not apply it around the eyes. That was not my experience. For the first week, the only place I applied it was around my eyes. Now I use it on my whole face. I am SOLD.

  • Tricia K. - Buggy Software Package and Disappointing, Ill-Trained Tech Support

    I have been using for several years. My family tree has started to get large enough that Ancestry alone was having problems handling it. Until now, I have been using a package by RootsMagic to handle my tree on my own system. I decided to buy Family Tree Maker after being assured by's technical support that I could import my Gedcom files generated by RootsMagic, and then link that to my existing tree in (I had been keeping the two versions "synched" manually, and it was getting to be very time consuming).

  • John C Ellis - Dodge Ram Underhood Light

    The light I purchased was exactly what I wanted. I had it in the truck and connected on 2 minutes and it worked perfectly.

  • Amazon Customer - MasterBrain is incredible! I would recommend it to anyone!

    MasterBrain has been so helpful with increasing my memory and number recall! A few days after I began taking this product I had to reset a bunch of passwords on some of my online accounts. About halfway through the project I noticed that I was remembering 12+ digit alpha-numeric codes without having to constantly check and recheck each and every digit. I was over joyed!!!