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  • Carric - The price is excellent, especially when you look at how inexpensive the ...

    The price is excellent, especially when you look at how inexpensive the strips are. Outstanding purchase.

  • S. Satin - Seeing a difference in 1.5 months for borderline hyperthyroid senior cat.

    My mom recommended me these drops after buying the ones for her cat for cancer (which luckily he did not need). My cat is 12 years old and was losing weight and hair, but otherwise acting normal. The vet said he was borderline hyperthyroid, just on the very line of hyperthyroidism. I think it was not too late to correct his situation and not wanting to put him through the other medical options, I decided to try these drops. He did not take to them right away, but I hid them in his wet food and he has eventually gotten use to them. I give him wet food in the morning and evenings now and he eats up all of the solution. He is a bigger cat at 13 pounds, so he gets 6 drops in the morning and 6 at night. It has been 1.5 months and I have noticed a difference in his hair. It's become shinier and doesn't fall as much. He is also gaining weight. I also switched his can food to Weruva all-natural, so that may be helping as well. Just be sure to be diligent about giving the drops as prescribed. I also leave them out on the counter next to the food so I don't forget. Thanks for making these drops for cats!

  • Antonio Evertez - New Perspectives on Computer Concepts, Ninth Edition, Comprehensive

    I do not recall ordering this text but if I did it works fine for I use this text as an aid in my learning.

  • Lucy Lulzworth - Great learning tool for children

    What a great learning tool for our children! I am so pleased to finally see something like this come along to teach the kids about terrorism and homeland security in a fun way! They really need to know they need to conform and obey all authorities and to never ask any questions! I really cant wait for the lego security human rfid chip to come out this summer! Thats an even better way for them to learn about whats to come!