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  • Monica Watts - Ho Hum, I guess I got a lemon. :0(

    Ho hum, I guess I got a lemon. This thing just doesn't work, doesn't charge things. I think it worked OK for the first month, but now it doesn't work at all. I bought it for my husband and he is very unhappy with it. The blue light is on, but that is the only thing on it that works. :0(

  • Maria Lemus - Great stroller! My husband who is 6'-2" always complained ...

    Great stroller! My husband who is 6'-2" always complained about the handle on our old stroller saying was too low for him and that it was hard to maneuver. One of the reason my husband and I decided on the new BOB is because I can adjust the handle to different heights and of course for many other reason.

  • Wren - Best product for organic stains and odors

    Wish it was easier to find. The stuff is magical, and doesn't rely on heavy covering scents (which I can't stand). It should be called "liks, pets and really old people" , because, well, we've used it for them, too.