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  • T. Gonda - Good product.

    Popped on beautifully. Have had them for a few months. Will see how they last the winter before bumping up to 5 stars.

  • lucas merriman - Crooks

    Be warned. I don't write bad reviews ever. These guys are crooks. First realize that once you get the exhaust you will need to wait before you install it because guess what it doesn't come with exhaust gaskets. Ok fine but guess what the designed the exhaust to not work with stock exhaust gaskets you have to purchase new ones. The great part about this is they don't tell you this anywhere in the description. Second the instructions are absolutely horrific. I hope you can install this off of a couple words no pictures. Third finally get exhaust installed got everything finally and guess what paint starts flaking off almost immediately. Trust me when I say you should look somewhere else they do not care at all and will leave you high and dry nobody did a single thing about it. You've been warned I should have listened as well I got screwed out of my money hopefully I can prevent others thanks for reading

  • Candace Nichols - Book was recommended to me so I bought it and started reading ...

    I had heard about grounding a few years back but never gave it much thought. Book was recommended to me so I bought it and started reading it. I could not put the book down. Very fascinating, but even better I decided to try it for myself. I have an old injury that I re injured. After months of physical therapy and medications it made it tolerable. I started grounding every day for 20 - 30 minutes. After a few days I noticed my pain was better. Well now I have been doing it everyday for over 3 months. Now I am completely pain free, plus I have the most restful and peaceful sleep I have ever experienced. I will ground everyday for the rest of my life because I feel so much better. Wish I would have known about it about 20 years earlier.

  • The Emmy Project - Great collection of stories.

    Just love these. "Antarctica" is one of the best. Possibly life changing. But all these stories are great. I buy this collection every year, and this is an excellent installment in the series.

  • Ken Reinertson - An Awesome bag for anyone that needs a lot of space and compartments

    This bag is massive on the inside. It's hard to believe that there is actually a size larger than this one. This bag fit everything I needed for a 3 day trip. My misc. electronics, laptop, clothes, this and that. Just about everything I needed all in one bag. If you need a weekend bag or a short trip bag this will fit the bill and then some. Very comfortable around the chest and shoulders. The quick release to extend the strap length is extremely handy. For you convention goers this bag will fit all your swag just fine. I highly recommend Timbuk2. I liked them so much I got a Classic Messenger MEDIUM size for every day use and I got one with a cute limited bird design for my wife.