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  • CHARLES - Works as described

    I had a soccer ball sized leak from the transmission of my 92 corolla. Decided to try changing the output shaft seal and after wasting an afternoon it was still leaking about a golf ball sized drip over an 8 hour period. Dropped a bottle of AT-205 in the transmission (per Scotty Kilmer's suggestion!) and drove about 30 minutes and voila! No more leak. It has been two weeks now and still not a drop in my drive way. If you have a small leak I suggest spending $10 for a bottle of this stuff as opposed to wasting an afternoon cussing and pulling a c/v axle in hopes to fix the leak.

  • itinerant - Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain: this stuff works great

    Despite the dire warnings from some people obsessed with an allegedly now-discontinued ingredient, I have found this stuff to be the miracle cure I was looking for. Instant gratification--the end to itching, the end to pain, the end to the rash and the spreading and torment. Yes it costs a lot: I don't care. I went from constant torment to relief in moments. I used it again for good measure a day later, and now the virulent, systemic, spreading itchy disaster is gone.

  • GriffinsReign - Worst Program

    Brand new program out of the box and the system fails all the time. Have yet to be able to get program up and running. uninstalled and reinstalled. Still nothing working. Tech is less than pleasant to work with.

  • Amazon Customer - Low on mystery and suspense, but filled with the usual fun characters

    There's not much challenge to be had in An Obvious Fact for Walt and his supporting cast. There are bad guys, but they never have a chance. There are mysterious events, but they're not happening to anybody we care about. That all sounds bad, but the characters save the book. If you view the book simply as a vessel for delivering entertaining interactions between some of the best characters in the genre, the book is a success. These characters are great fun to read about, even when they're not breaking a sweat.