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EHR|EMR|Electronic Health Record|Medical Billing|PrognoCIS - EHR|EMR|PrognoCIS Electronic Health Records: Easy to use practice management & medical billing for general & specialty practices. Click for Free Trial !

  • EHR|Electronic Health Record Software|PrognoCIS - Streamline your patient information with PrognoCIS electronic health record software: reliable, customizable and easy-to-use EHR medical software.
  • PrognoCIS Patient Portal Software & Health Records - PrognoCIS Patient Portal lets patients & practices connect easily. Features include messaging, electronic reports, lab results, appointment request & more!
  • PrognoCIS Productivity Feature Highlights - Learn about PrognoCIS Productivity Features and how they integrate with PrognoCIS EMR software to efficiently optimize your medical practice's workflow.
  • PrognoCIS e-prescription EHR software - PrognoCIS e-Prescription technology improves accuracy, minimizes lost or unfilled prescriptions, and saves time. Save with PrognoCIS e-Prescription today!
  • Online Payment|Credit Card|OpenEdge|PrognoCIS Software - PrognoCIS software's integration with OpenEdge allows you to collect your payments easily online through our quick credit card processing service.
  • PrognoSign eSignature | PrognoCIS Software - The PrognoSign feature enables users to sign electronic documents with a mouse, a stylus or by tablet to let them manage patient documents at anytime.
  • e-Faxing and Texting Service|PrognoFax|PrognoCIS Software - PrognoFax is a solution designed for medical practitioners to easily and securely fax online or via email. No hardware installation required - ask us today!
  • Speech Recognition | Medical Software | PrognoCIS EHR - Making EHRs easy to use by vastly reducing the number of mouse clicks and typing using speech recognition. See what PrognoCIS can offer your practice here.
  • PrognoCIS EHR software Services & Support - For PrognoCIS, we assign a specialist to guide you through the installation, implementation, and training processes. Get in touch with our team today!
  • Meaningful Use Support|PrognoCIS Software - Bizmatics Inc. offers two Meaningful Use Support Packages to help PrognoCIS users in achieving MU attestation. Click to learn more.
  • Change EHR|No Data Migration Fees - Change your EHR by migrating data from your old system to cloud based PrognoCIS EHR. Learn more about how to switch your EHR and get an EHR demo.
  • Free EHR Electronic Health Record Software Trial|PrognoCIS - Free EHR Electronic Health Record Software Trial- Simple Self Sign Up for instant free trial - Try certified and reliable PrognoCIS EHR
  • Medical Specialty EHR Software | PrognoCIS - Medical Specialty EHR with fast workflows, templates and content. PrognoCIS works on all devices. Easily schedule a "Wow!" demo or free trial here.
  • PrognoCIS Electronic Health Records EHR Specialties A-D - PrognoCIS EHR has many different medical specialties such as Allergy, Cardiology, Chiropractic, Cosmetic Surgery, and Dermatology. Sign up for a demo today!
  • Allergy EHR|Allergy EMR|Medical Billing|Patient Portal - Allergy EHR|EMR offers allergy-specific workflow and content customized for your medical practice. Click to learn more about PrognoCIS and use our free trial.
  • Cardiology EHR|Cardiology EMR|Medical Billing|Patient Portal - Cardiology EHR offers cardiology workflow offers specialty-specific content and templates. Learn more about PrognoCIS and how you can use your free trial.
  • Chiropractic EHR | Chiropractic EMR | PrognoCIS Software - PrognoCIS Chiropractic EHR|EMR provides an easy to use interface and specialty-specific workflow for your practice. Click to learn more and start a free trial.
  • Cosmetic Surgery EHR|Cosmetic Surgery EMR|PrognoCIS Software - PrognoCIS EHR|EMR offers a cosmetic surgery workflow with specialty-specific content and templates for your medical practice. Try PrognoCIS for free today!
  • Dermatology EHR|Dermatology EMR|Medical Software|PrognoCIS - PrognoCIS Dermatology EHR|EMR offers a customizable workflow with specialty-specific content. Click to learn more and start your free trial today.
  • PrognoCIS Electronic Health Records EHR Specialties E-N - PrognoCIS EHR has many medical specialties such as Endocrinology, Family Practice, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, and Neurology . View a demo today!
  • Endocrinology EHR | Endocrinology EMR | PrognoCIS Software - Endocrinology EHR|EMR software from PrognoCIS provides an efficient and customizable workflow. Click here to start your free trial of PrognoCIS today.
  • Family Practice EHR|Family Practice EMR|Medical Billing - Family Practice EHR|EMR from PrognoCIS offers a reliable workflow for efficient patient data management. Learn more about PrognoCIS and start your free trial.
  • Gastroenterology EHR | Gastroenterology EMR | PrognoCIS - PrognoCIS Gastroenterology EHR|EMR software provides a flexible workflow for efficient patient data management in your medical practice. Start your free trial.
  • Internal Medicine EHR | Internal Medicine EMR | PrognoCIS - Internal Medicine EHR|EMR software from PrognoCIS allows you to efficiently run your practice with a specialty-specific workflow. Start your free trial today.
  • Neurology EHR | Neurology EMR | Medical Software | PrognoCIS - Looking for the best EHR software for your neurology practice? PrognoCIS EMR supports you in managing Neurology specific records effectively.
  • PrognoCIS Electronic Health Records EHR Specialties O - PrognoCIS EHR has many medical specialties such as OB/GYN, Occupational Med, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Otolaryngology . View an EHR demo today!
  • OB/GYN EHR | OB/GYN EMR | Medical Software | PrognoCIS - PrognoCIS EHR|EMR allows OB/GYN specialists to efficiently manage patient records with a customizable workflow. Learn more here and start your free trial today.
  • Occupational Medicine|EHR|EMR|Medical Software|PrognoCIS - PrognoCIS occupational medicine EHR|EMR software offers an efficient and reliable workflow and content. Learn more about PrognoCIS and start your free trial.
  • Oncology EHR | Oncology EMR | Medical Software | PrognoCIS - PrognoCIS EHR|EMR offers a specialty-specific workflow and customizable templates for your oncology practice. Learn more about PrognoCIS and our free trial.
  • Ophthalmology EHR | Ophthalmology EMR | PrognoCIS Software - Ophthalmology EHR|EMR software in PrognoCIS has specific workflow and templates for your practice. Learn more about PrognoCIS and start your free trial here.

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  • libby - awesome! highly recommend!

    Amazing product!!! We got this for our 9 year old and she loves it. Truthfully a 4 year old could use it! It takes video and photos and tons of other stuff! Also, no batteries to change. Charge like a cell phone occasionally. I highly recommend this watch!

  • Nikki - five stars

    This is my first portable charger. I charge this one time for a few hours and can then charge my phone several times without the inconvenience of being tethered to a wall. I absolutely love this item. It is so convenient for airport trips and long flights. I received a sample of this product from the manufacturer to give a detailed review of the user experience and how to improve the product. But I have been purchasing them as gifts for family members because it is so convenient.

  • paul - There is so much more functionality here than meets the ...

    There is so much more functionality here than meets the eye. The user interface took a little getting used to, but it is well worth learning.

  • Thomas D. Groesch - DONT BUY THIS FROM AMAZON!!!!

    I wish I could give this zero stars, giving it even one is very generous. The only reason I say this is due to the highly unfortunate fact that "sharpyinc" has COMPLETELY manipulated the Alpha Brain product, and got away with it by still being able to sell it. I feel very sorry for Amazon because I dont believe they even know about this FAKE Alpha Brain thats floating around on their AWESOME site. The REAL Alpha Brain sold by Onnit is a few bucks more in price, the pills themselves are half green and half yellow, and DO work and DO in fact fuel wonders to your brain in many levels. I know this, because I have bought Alpha Brain by the Onnit company, FROM the Onnit company firsthand. The only reason I tried the Amazon route was, again, it was a little bit cheaper. But, BOY should I have went with my instincts, and NOT bought it in the first place. When I got it, I INSTANTLY notice fishy differences from the original. 1. The bottle was completly solid in color, and totally white. As opposed to the real bottle that is clear. 2. The pills themselves were completely clear, as opposed to the real pills that are, again, half green and half yellow. 3. There were zero effects when taking them, as opposed to the real ones that enhanced everything, as well as my awareness and my sleep. 4. There was no cotton OR that little round piece if paper to seal the bottle after you unscrew the cap, as opposed to a real bottle of supplements that has all of the aforementioned specs. Point being, DONT BUY THIS FROM "SHARPYINC" OR THROUGH AMAZON. BUY IT FROM ONNIT WHERE YOU KNOW ITS THE CORRECT AND UNMANIPULATED PRODUCT!!!!!


    I have bought several editions of "Parachute" over the years whenever my successful but unsatisfying career got under my skin more than usual. It has been the only resource I've used because it is the one everyone seems to know about. But it hasn't worked for me. Until a few months ago I was still stuck, not sure what career would be best for me. Finally I read the reviews of this new edition of "Parachute". There is a great review of "Parachute" by a career counselor dated October 24, 1999 that says "Parachute" is a great job hunting book if you know what sort of job you are looking for. He/she also says that it is pretty useless if you are trying to figure out what to do with your life. The counselor recommended two books. I bought them, used them, and finally was able to make a good decision about my future. I love my new career! The two books that helped me were " The Pathfinder: How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success" by Lore and "Do What You Are" by Tieger. If you are in the same situation as me, buy these books instead of "Parachute". Or, at least read the review I spoke of. You can find that review by clicking "Read all customer reviews" on this page.

  • velva graves - I always use Hallmark

    At first I found my program complicated but after many stressful minutes I won over the computer. Now I can make cards and am still working on figuring out the other parts of all the programs.

  • Amazon Customer - I love USAN

    My boss recomended these vitamins to me and at first I was skeptical. But I said hey what have I got to lose? I feel great abd I am definetly going to reorder them again!