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  • Amazon Customer - I love the wisdom and insight I am receiving from this ...

    I love the wisdom and insight I am receiving from this text. Its easy to read and will serve as a number one go to for reference.

  • Love2Shop - purchased this item out of desperation

    Both of my dogs loved car rides. and I mean LOVED car rides. If there was an inkling there was a car ride coming up, they would be practically dancing on two paws in anticipation.

  • Erin - Worth the money

    My sons sensitive stomach meant we spent his first 2 months trying to find the right formula- this is it! He is now a happy spitter, instead of a grumpy spitter- he still spits up, but he had no discomfort- which makes for s happier mama!

  • Mindy Bass - Works great at whitening teeth

    This little jar is exactly the perfect charcoal product to help whiten teeth. I’ve used other charcoal whiteners and this one is great, in my experience I find it best to use these in the evening before bed unless you wish to use the whitener and then brush your teeth. My routine is the opposite, I brush my teeth like normal and then I use this charcoal whitener by dabbing my wet toothbrush in the jar to get a bit of the powder on the tips of my brush and brushing well with it. Due to the nature of charcoal there is generally black residue left after brushing which is why you would either need to brush after using or use it at night. There is a slight minty taste to this powder, but mostly it just tastes neutral like charcoal. I’ve seen a difference since using this powder; my teeth are whiter with no residual stains from coffee or wine. I received this product for free in return for testing this product and providing my honest, unbiased review. As always my words and views are 100% my own.

  • Jose Almestica - Awesome ride, won me over so far

    Just received my bike yesterday and managed to set it up today. I have always worked on my own bike and this is the 1st bike I actually had to put the cables together. Derailleur setup took a while but I managed to get the gears shifting perfectly front and back. Took it for a test ride and let me 1st say going from a single speed Giordano Road bike that weighs about 30lbs. To riding a 24 speed 21lb bike with slim tires you immediately feel the difference. I took it for about a mile so I can reach a hill climb and shifting through the gears it took that hill like a champ. I can however give the only negative review about this bike in my opinion. I live in Jersey City NJ and we are well known for potholes and bumpy roads. Riding through this city you feel even the slightest of bumps and that's due to the seat. This bike comes with the hardest seat I have ever sat on and I am feeling it tonight even after riding it just for an hour this morning. I will give it some time and see if I can get used to it. If not I am replacing it. Other than that I am in love with this bike, on smooth pavement she's a dream. However she's a nightmare when things start getting bumpy. Hills? No problem shift through those gears and enjoy the smooth ride. I will post up more about my experience with it in the future.