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ppl, wake the f up - I'm from Northern Europe. If you follow me a while, it's probably easy to guess which country I'm from. Please don't judge my country because of what I say and do. I am an idiot. I post a lot. Like a...

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  • In preparation for Jedifest, I’m trying out the... - ppl, wake the f up - In preparation for Jedifest, I’m trying out the design principles from the resources section of their website, this time the background being specifically from the “depth” part of the tips. I’m not...
  • ppl, wake the f up : Photo - Post anything (from anywhere!), customize everything, and find and follow what you love. Create your own Tumblr blog today.
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  • amber keown - works great on all dogs who shed

    works great on all dogs who shed. that being said this does not really work on a cocker spaniel. for those that do not know cocker spaniels tend to shed minimally and more so need hair cuts . works on long and short coats equally . from the chihuahua to the german shepherd this product effectively remove undercoat and loose hair .

  • Beverly Leadingham - It is a great approach but not an effective learning tool without the ...

    Have been unable to get the text downloaded...unable to progress without it. It is a great approach but not an effective learning tool without the text. I hit the product bottom and it gave it 4 stars...I cannot change it but it should not have 4 stars unless the text is with it.

  • whinty89 - one of the better 1st word books out there

    i bought this book for my 1 year old daughter after she ate/destroyed her other first words book. i was trying to find a book that would catch her eye and help spark her interest. This book has definitely done that. We (me and her) love the bright colors and the fact that all of the pictures are the perfect size. Shes already learned a could words from the book which is awesome and she wants us to read it to her all of the time. this book is much stronger and durable than all of the other board books we have found, she plays with this thing everyday since we bought it and has yet to bite through or tear it. its the perfect size for her to carry around and fits nicely in the diaper bag if we are on the go. That being said there are some things im not a fan of. i know that they are trying to interest boys and girls, but they do not need 2pages of vehicles. its a waste of space and words. i highly doubt my kid is going to be walking around saying motorcycle dump truck and tractor already. in some of the action pages it shows a baby doing whatever the word is. some of the are iffy but as an adult i get it i dont think she would though.

  • Adela - Beautiful pictures from cover to cover

    I got my cookbook yesterday and have already made a grocery list. Beautiful pictures from cover to cover. I love the skinnytaste concept and Gina's blog has such great recipes. The best part is it's healthy for you and I do not feel like I am eating diet food!!! I make 2 to 3 recipes a week and my family loves the recipes as well!!!

  • Mark D. - Crash Tested! Great helmet

    I bought this helmet about a year ago, and have loved riding in it. It has excellent ventilation, and is quite comfortable. I went from thinking that this was a nice helmet to thinking it is a great helmet today after I crashed. I went over my handlebars (manhole cover tilted on me due to improper seating) and landed square on my head. The helmet was crushed, but I walked away without any damage whatsoever. I am AMAZED I walked away from this crash without any serious harm. I am buying a new one right now to replace it. Great helmet and clearly well designed to be comfortable riding and works in a crash!

  • Amazon Customer - Even a mechanical timer would be better. Or just install insulation

    Broke in 3 days… most likely because there is no insulation on the inside to separate cooling chamber from electronics.