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  • Rose A. Wilcox - Effective health supplement

    This product is one I re-order frequently. It is good to have on hand to stave off a cold. I like the convenience of ordering it online instead of having to go to the Naturopath's to pick it up!

  • John Teague - Love That Mustang Cover

    Perfect, except my Mustang has so much power the phone wont stay in the pocket designed for it. But the cover is beautiful. Love it.

  • Robin Mikk - great vitamin

    This multi vitamin has done wonders for my son's skin. No matter how much he cleaned his face he still had breakouts. After using Active Health Teen his face is really clear.These vitamins have herbs that help clear teen skin problems. I'll be ordering these monthly from now on.

  • nz016 - Extremely Unhelpful

    Sadly this study guide did not meet expectations. It was extremely hard to follow and does not offer appropriate explanations in each section. I ended up using more free online resources than anything else, which was very frustrating considering the money spent on this guide. My reccomenadation would be not to purchase this one. Instead, go with the study guide package offered by TEAS when you sign up for the exam.

  • Suebee 44 - Excellent and exciting Magazine !

    This magazine is one of the best around. So many interesting articles that are easy to read and understand. Have been a fan and reading it since my teens. My husband loves it also !

  • Elizabeth - I think you is worth the investment!

    I was very skeptical! I own 2 dyson vacuum for steps and one for the floors. Here is why!! We have 3 dogs and a cat, I have long hair and white carpet...we spend a lot of time vacuuming! This is worth its weight in gold. It goes smoothly from surface to surface; over throw rugs, onto vinyl and back. It tells me when I need to empty the collection bin and tells me when it is stuck under my buffet! I have learned the pieces of furniture it can get under and not get out from under, so I block the exit path that is not high enough--there are 3 such places in my home. It tends to get stuck in my bathrooms if I don't make sure the door will stay hits the door and the door shuts and then Roomba can't get the door open---damn almost perfect!! It does a VERY GOOD (close to perfect) job. I am a clean freak so this says a lot about Roomba. You will be pleased. I did buy 2 towers that prohibit Roomba from going into certain areas....I don't use them; that was a waste of my money. Roomba will not go near steps---no fear of the fall and it only takes a light object to block the path or a closed door so I have not needed to use the towers.

  • Amazon Customer - New version causes acid reflux

    While the bigger scoop is frustrating what is more annoying to me is that the fluffier formula does not work for my baby. She was doing great on the old version but the new one is giving her really bad acid reflux.