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Port City Builders, Inc. - Home -  Port City Builders, Inc. is a Wilmington based construction company that almost exclusively works on commercial and institutional projects.  We also can value engineer a project by working  closely with a design team and our subcontractors to be able to m

  • Port City Builders, Inc. - COASTAL Atlantic Business Center, Leland Industrial Park - Office/Warehouse in Leland Industrial Park9075 Industrial Boulevard, N. E.Leland, NC 28451No units currently available in Coastal Atlantic Business Center, Leland Industrial Park until March 2017.144 sq ft office space with HV/AC and remaining 1100 sq ft w
  • Port City Builders, Inc. - CURRENT PROJECTS/START-UP - City Hall/Thalian Hall Civic Access ImprovementsJSCC Hoffler Building Elevator UpgradeSt. Phillips Church/Fort Anderson Masonry & Coping RepairWoodington LDS Church RenovationAlbertson LDS Church RenovationPiedmont Natural Gas Storage ShedADA Parking Impro
  • Port City Builders, Inc. - Completed Projects - Local / Wilmington, NC Stream Restoration Entrance Awning Church Youth Recreation Facility  Hospital Renovations/Upfits Retail  Animal Hospital  Appliance Retail  Distribution Warehouse Finance Office Visitors Center Retail Yacht Club Dry Boat Storage Floa
  • Port City Builders, Inc. - Projects Bidding - Projects we are currently bidding:ALL PLANS ARE AVAILABLE TO VIEW AT OUR OFFICE.  Please feel free to stop by our office at 109 Sebrell Avenue, Wilmington, NC 28403 at your convenience to look at any of the following projects.Port City Builders, Inc. is a

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  • what4jorg - I came to the ugly realization that the displays of jello in the many buffets that I was frequenting were in better shape than I

    I started T 25 at the age of 45. I came to the ugly realization that the displays of jello in the many buffets that I was frequenting were in better shape than I was. I had not exercised regularly in close to 15 years. The deciding factors were the modified version and the 25 minutes. I hated Shaun T the first couple of days. Hated his moves, hated the fact that he wasn't breathing hard and I almost wasn't breathing, period. Hated that I couldn't keep up even for 3 minutes. Then there was the pain and the stiffness after the fact. If I wanted to admit it, there was a part of me that enjoyed it, in a sick and demented way. So I kept up. It is almost a year later. Oh I still hate him, and depending on the day, I feel like I have done enough when I have reached the 20 minute mark or the 15 minute mark. But I keep going. By the 7 minute mark I feel definitely I have put in my fair share, but what the heck. By the time 5 minutes come around, I figure it will take me that long just to figure out how to stop the DVD and the TV. I have spent 10 of the past 12 months (cold season, and I tweaked my back doing one of those annoying squat thrusts) doing Alpha, Beta and Gamma levels. I have dropped and kept off 40 pounds, 4 inches from my waist, and, if I squint and look hard enough, I can even see some muscle definition. It's kind of a love hate deal, but it was one of the better decisions I made recently.

  • Amazon Customer - Great facial scrub

    St. Ives makes a great product, very reasonably priced. This scrub is gentle on your skin, but does a great job of exfoliating. It has a pleasant smell, and your face feels clean after using it.

  • Francisco Ramirez - Perfect!!!

    I so happy with this software.. this is my 3rd year doing from home.. i am very pleased.. I do my aunt as well.. and some friends.

  • Collette - Covers the Scalp But Looks Dry

    I took another reviewers advice to cover most of the applicator with tape for more precise application. I have very fine, very thin hair. I do everything I can to improve the health of my hair but it is genetic that my hair be so thin. No matter what my scalp will show especially because my hair is curly and sticks up off my head. I applied this to my scalp and immediately my hair looked so much better giving the illusion of thicker hair. It's pretty amazing that not seeing the scalp makes such a difference. The only problem is that the fibers make the roots look very dry and kind of powdery. Not sure how to combat that but I'll work on it. Maybe a high shine hairspray just at the roots.

  • S. M. A. Vilathgamuwa - Easy to Use

    The Quicken program is very easy to use, got going very quickly. the reports are a little unclear what they will report. When you want to track one specific payee or item. The upgrade option only came up once, I lost connection so was unable to take advantage of the $19.95 upgrade offer, which I find would have been great. If you have any type of loans, mortgages the next level of the Quicken is what you need. On the whole though the program is great and good value for the money. Sadly cannot find an upgrade option within the program.

  • Frederick - the game can be fun once you stop trying to even attempt to match ...

    It's not intuitive at all first thing off the bat. The dance moves are extremely complicated and it doesn't show you how to do any of them, just throws you right in. I wish there was a tutorial or some kind of walk through before you did the dance. I also wish there was a battle mode for local co-op play. With all that said, the game can be fun once you stop trying to even attempt to match the moves on screen and just start doing your own version of them.

  • Mary P. Meshell - Treatment Balm

    I don't think it conditions my hair too good and I think I like Dove products better, but I like the way it smells.