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  • P. Myers - needs glue, insulation and caulking

    This is not going to be weather proof. I just put it together and can already see where I will need to caulk and close openings around the underside of where the roof meets the sidewalls. If you live in a place like I do where the wind and rain blow sideways you will have to do some preventative measures to keep your pet dry. The vents at each end will also let in water and can not be closed. I got this dog house for a big tomcat that no one can catch or tame. I was hoping this house would keep both his food and bedding dry during our monsoon rains and winter snows. It is big enough to hold a small insulated dog house for him to sleep in and still have plenty of room for food and water. As a primary dog house I think this product is unacceptable without adding insulation and caulking unless you live in perfect sunny year around climate.

  • Peter Swinson - Great money saver

    Amazing product. I have a car that would go dead if not driven in three days. Also a lawnmower that wouldn't start if not run in 2 weeks. Hook this device up and both work like new. Been about a month now since using and still starting fine.

  • Marsha Queen of Amazon - This is my 2nd Voyager Legend & I love it!

    This is my 2nd Voyager Legend & I love it!!! I managed to blow up my last one & I loved it so much, I replaced it with another just like it!!! Yes, the price is a little bit higher; but the battery lasts MUCH longer!!! I kept jumping from one brand to another looking for the PERFECT bluetooth!!! I loved many of the feature of the various brands; but the Voyager seems to have it ALL!!! According to my brother who is the pickiest person I know, the sound quality on my outgoing calls is fabulous. I know on my end, the incoming is fabulous also!!! I wear it about 15 hours a day & it is now so much a part of me that I don't even notice it is there!!! I really like that it announces my calls so I know whether I want to answer them or not. I also like that I can take or avoid the call by saying "answer" or "ignore". I just need to check the Plantronics website a couple times a year to see if there has been an upgrade. IF there is, I simply plug it into my computer, go to the website & follow the prompts. When it says "do not disconnect until download's complete" they mean it!!! With my last one, I grew impatient because my computer was bogging down & disconnected. The headset stopped working. In my out of control state of mind, I ordered another one. While waiying on the new on to arrive I updated the old one again & it fixed ALL my issues. So, by the time I received the new one, I had the old one working again. Now, I'm using the old one as a backup to save for using IF the new one develops a problem.

  • Nancy - but very good quality and a real improvement in appearance

    a little expensive for what it is, but very good quality and a real improvement in appearance. No change in radio reception for me.

  • Jonny B - So far so good.. Came mostly as promised..Keep in mind it's NOT a CARBON frame!

    First things first. READ product description before thinking this is a carbon frame bike, it is not.

  • Jody W - another hoax

    Bought this as a helper to my weight watchers program. I didn't lose any extra weight with it - nothing! Not surprising it was a waste of money.

  • Amazon Customer - Disappointing

    The essays chosen by the editors were very esoteric, not really suited to a tourist-type traveler. I was expecting Daisann McClain and I got Camus. Ironically I am a huge fan of Paul Theroux, one of the editors. He should perhaps stick to writing and give up editing.