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  • celeste ryan - Def try this!!!! Life changer!

    I love this product! I have been suffering from acne for YEARS! I used this for only about a week and now I am almost completely clear!!! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who suffers from body acne. I was skeptical to try it considering I have tried almost everything else. From holistic to diy everything and this by far is the best thing I've ever used!!!

  • Karen - They fit my hotpoint stove! YEAH...

    Finally... Drip pans that fit my hotpoint stove.. I have not been able to find the correct ones in stores and my drip pans looked horrible.. The stove came with silver drip pans, but the stove itself is white and black.. I thought these black ones would look a lot sharper than silver and I was right.. They honestly have transformed my stove from looking old to new again... The pans themselve seem to be really well made, very sturdy with a nice finish... They slipped right in and truly do make a world of difference..

  • R. DUMAR - Best Extender Ever! (But, it could use a few more paragraphs of Written Instructions/Info!)

    I love this unit. I've had three or four others - this 2015 Almond leaves them all in the dust. It took me 3 hours to set up - not 3 minutes. That's because I didn't think I had to hit "Finish" before I tried it. Just stupid on my part. I will say that once in a while (after a day or two, or three) it stops working (as an extender). It won't connect - even though it shows the almond network is available. No problem. Tap the screen on the Almond unit, tap Extender - Boom - back in business. (Not a problem for me because the unit is sitting on a shelf I pass by every 10 minutes anyway.)

  • Donna - As expected

    Not much to say about checkbook registers other than they are exactly as described, arrived quickly and are what i needed.

  • old mojo - works flawlessly

    I'm on the Comcast system and was renting their Arris modem, and the darn thing sucked rotten eggs. My internet was dropping daily. I would have to call Comcast up every time to get a refresh signal and that would work for awhile. If I left the computer on at night with a web page open, the next day it would it would show that Internet Explorer stopped working and I had to close it down and then re-open it back up. What a hassle. I read a lot about different modems, and had always used the Motorola surfboard modems before with very little trouble. This one seemed like the perfect solution for me, and it works flawlessly so far. If I leave a web page open overnight, it still works the next day. The web pages open up much faster, never drops the internet and have not had to call to get a re-fresh signal. Getting this activated was very easy and fast. While I was talking to the Comcast tech during the activation of the modem, I was explaining my reasoning in buying this particular modem. He was telling me that Comcast does not have a whole of tools for them to get deep into trouble shooting this modem because they just do not break down. In his opinion, it was the best modem out there for the Comcast system. It never has nearly the troubles and problems as the other modems they deal with, and the Arris modem such as the one I was renting from Comcast was one of the worst. A friend of mine is using my old Motorala 2.0 modem now, and told them if this one works as well as it should, i'll be ordering them one also. Well, i'm a believer, and am buying another one for them to use. For the record, I've been working in this industry for over 30 yrs and have quite a bit of knowledge and expertize with the cable tv and telephone systems, and am able to talk to many insiders in these industries. This is the modem you want to buy if you want something that just works with little to no problems at all.. it's that simple.. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this modem..

  • VICTOR A GALANTE - The Filter Needs to be Cleaned Before Each Use

    I purchased this product 2 years ago specifically to clean my ceramic tile kitchen floor. The floor has a slight textured surface, so the rotating plastic brushes on the FloorMate do a great job of getting into the nooks and crannies to loosen the dirt, though the bristles are not "industrial" enough to remove sticky items, such as bits of dries fruit or other tiny, stubborn bits.