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  • Retortnegid - Overrated and dangerous to the computer.

    Installed and ran Acronis True Image 2015 and discovered my XP and Photoshop activation failed, unlike the 2013 version. So,After attempting again to clone I was informed my PC-specific registration at Acronis failed repeatedly to load and that the sale was not on record! They are wholly incompetent and a threat to every computer that has had their program uninstalled and reinstalled due to the above failure.

  • Mark Antkowicz - Action packed human patriotic movie

    It was the same action packed human patriotic movie that the first one was. No Will Smith, but many of the others were there. The mad doctor (Brent Spiner) had a bigger better part. I think the Transformer movies were played out. They should stop the Independence Day movies here. We have defeated the smelly freaks for good so it's time to stop. We have all the knowledge of the universe. I liked it one not twice like the first.

  • BflyMN - Does NOT work! If job depends on it, do not use this!

    Purchased for a regular marijuana smoker who needed to pass a pre-employment drug test. He didn't smoke for 48-hours before the test, and was also flushing his system with as much water as he could throughout this time. He followed the instructions exactly (starting 2 hours before his scheduled test time) and FAILED the urine test. I would not recommend this (grape) detox drink of you are in a position to lose something.

  • Kelley Farley - I refuse to rent software. I won't for Microsoft ...

    I refuse to rent software. I won't for Microsoft Office and I won't fit Photoshop. When you get Greedy you will lose business and by the reviews, Adobe has definitely lost business.

  • Coqui - Great boot for hiking

    I was very pleasantly surprised! I got these boots 1/2 size larger than my shoe size to allow for more toe room and it made all the difference; it kept my feet dry, warm, and comfortable. Boot gave great foot support but not stiff.

  • Andy - Hair grows right back (after a year of treatment or more) and element burns out quickly. Skip it.

    I spent 1 year doing treatments on one specific area, and the hair is still there. Hasn't changed a bit. The light eventually burned out, and since it doesn't work anyway, I never replaced it. "Works" only on dark hair--mines as dark as it gets folks.. I'm here to tell you, this does not last. Oh believe me it will burn you like it's working, and burn the hair, but it grows right back. Use a lighter instead if you want to fry your hair off, it's a lot cheaper.